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Mixin’ It Up: Krazy Fiesta

May 18 2007

We’re taking it back to Sweden for this weeks Mixin’ It Up, our friends in Krazy Fiesta did a killer job on this and we’re very proud to present their mix.

“Krazyfiesta, the three musketeers of truth, based in Gothenburg, spawn of Västmanland. We welcome you to the musical journey that is Fiesta Dreamz! We start of with at the bouncy 80s and 90s moving forward to the present electro disco day. Sprinkled with a large dose of Krazy Fiesta fun! This summer you can dance to the KF-soundsystem at The Glory Boat in Gothenburg, together with among others Vicarious Bliss, Beta Boy and Glory Crew. And DO NOT miss us at The Rumble in Malmö this Saturday!”


01. Bel Viv DeVoe – Poison

This musical journey begins with this great track with a magic drumline!

02. Rocker’s Revenge ft Donnie Calvin – Walking on Sunshine

This is how we feel while we’re walking down the streets in GBG. Love the keys in this one!

03. Feist – Sea Lion (Chromeo remix)

Wonder what Nina Simone would have thought about the vocal sample used in this one. We love it though.

04. Inner City – Big Fun

This is a real house classic, but nothing’s too sacred for Krazyfiesta.

05. Krazyfiesta vs. Erlend Öye – Fiesta Trains

Erlend Öye and Morgan Geist’s mellow song interpretated by us. Never heard online before!

06. Mr. Lee – Get Busy

A favourite track from one of our favourite childhood albums, Mega Rap from 1994. Rap house!

07. The Yorshire Rapper – Put Our Heads Together

There’s more to music than electro, like this killer masterpiece of good vibes.

08. Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor

One of the best new songs we’ve come over lately!

09. Juvelen – Watch Your Step (KF RMX)

Our instant classic-remix of the Juvelen track! (Watch out for the 12”!)

10. Yelle – Ce Jeu (Them Jeans edit)

There’s nothing like a sweet french electro pop hit to tell you it’s spring time!

11. Cerrone – Love in ‘C’ minor

Now it’s time to speed things up a bit with this nasty pre-house track.

12. Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar – Licky (Herve Goes Low Remix)

This track really has got a little bit of everything in it, at least everything that kills the dance floors. When the music stops and Princess Superstar sings “L. I. Licky. C. K. Licky. Y…”, you just know the floor will explode when the bass hits again.

13. Bassnectar – Yo (Speaker Junk’s Jackin Brazilian Rave Remix)

Another club banger, we’re not usualy too fond of the latin rhythm, but this one really is irresistable.

14. Roy Ayers – Sugar

Unexpected guest appearence in this musical context but still: a great track by a great man.

15. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Tetsuo’s All Out Yo!-mix)

The internet is overflowing with remixes of this joint, but it’s actually refreshing to hear this a bit more mature sound. But still: dance floor material.

16.The Faint – I Disappear (Matthew Savant Remix)

Electro remixes of indie rock song is a whole big genre, which is only good tap into when you feel like a getting that Caucasian vibe, which is not that often.

17. Krazyfiesta – Never Zkared

The mix is coming to it’s end with this fiesta medley! Our electronic hit version of Bone Chrusher’s track.

18. Krazyfiesta – Lip Gloss Remix

Our latest club banger, famous throughout the world!

19. Leila K – Open Sesame (Final Exit Remix)

This is from the golden year of ’92! We were 7 years old when it was released.

20. Krazyfiesta – Stilletto Pumps It Up

Finally, we end this musical adventure with our interpretation of this modern classic.

Krazy Fiesta – Fiesta Dreamz mix for Discobelle (zShare)