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Goon & Koyote exclusive

May 19 2007

Besides Krazy Fiesta, the line up for tonight’s party at The Rumble is pretty impressive. One of our long time faves, Ghislain Poirier will be banging out tunes along with our favorite bass bandits from Paris, Goon & Koyote (aka Diamond Grills). They gave us their exclusive remix of the Adam Kesher track “Modern Times” (the EP was just released on Disque Primeur and can be bought here).

The boys will also be going over to the US sometime end of may for a US tour so y’all should try to catch them, they’ll make your booty bounce which all of you swedes will find out tonight!

Adam Kesher – Modern Times (Goon & Koyote remix) (YSI)

Adam Kesher – Modern Times (Goon & Koyote remix) (zShare)