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Mixin’ it up: Cousin Cole

May 25 2007

We have been waiting for this mix for a while but it has been worth the wait. Now you get a mix from Cousin Cole this Friday and you get him live in Malmö at our Distortion party next Friday. We gonna tear the roof down! Don’t’ miss out!

Let’s hand it over to our favourite cousin:

“This mix isn’t about educating people or showing off my record
collection (or mp3 “collection”). It’s just a bunch of dope songs
that make me want to dance, put together sort of like a condensed
version of a set I might do. Even though I put a lot of work into
selection and sequencing, all the mixing is recorded live from two
turntables. I wish more people would do their shit live; these
Ableton or overdubbed mixes leave me pretty cold.

So anyway, I mixed it live in one take, except for the last mix,
which I had to rerecord. There’s a little clipping because I have a
terrible mixer, and there are a couple of mixes that could’ve been a
little tighter (no trainwrecks though), but I think it’s pretty good
for fitting 23 tracks in less than 36 minutes with lots of long
blends. Also I had a problem with the recording so there’s 2 spots
where you’ll hear a little glitch, but they’re almost unnoticeable.


Download Cousin Cole – Mixin It Up Live for Discobelle (zShare)

Cousin Cole Mixin it Up Live for Discobelle tracklist:

Moodymann – Technology Stole My Vinyle
I figured this would be a great way to start the mix off. This is
brand new genius material from Kenny Dixon, Jr.

Daniel Wang – Like a Dream I Can’t Stop Dreaming
I wanted to play some early night type records, the kind of songs
that people will dance to without ever having heard them before.
Disco is the king!

In Flagranti – Business Acumen
I’m jealous of these guys. They’re making pretty great music, and it
sounds a little different from what anyone else is doing. I like to
think it’s a New York thing.

Ost & Kjex – Milano Mongolian (A Thrilling Mungophony In Two Parts)
This is actually a Mungolian Jetset remix of Milano Model. Like it
says, it’s in two parts, and I just used the second part (the whole
track’s more than 11 minutes long!)

Moodymann – Inspiration From a Small Black Church on the East Side of Detroit
I used this to transition to some housier songs. I also thought it
would make sense to go from this into the Roland Clark, since they’re
both about God and all.

Roland Clark – God is Good (DJ Spen Dub)
I really love spiritual house music. This is one of my favorite
tracks from last year. DJ Spen makes music to play in the club, and
he’s from Baltimore, but this is definitely not Baltimore Club.

Cousin Cole – Zing Boom (Demo)
This is a remix I just did. I think it’s pretty good but the drums
and some of the other sounds need some work. I’m not going to say
what it’s a remix of, so maybe it’ll be more exciting when you hear
it. Check it out though.

Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
Yeah, this has been out for a while, but so many of my actual friends
(not dj-friends) are going to be psyched to hear it. Besides, I made
up a little blend (see below) that fits pretty nicely, and I really
wanted to play it here. I edited this a little because I think it
takes too long between the breakdowns.

Blaqstarr – Hands Up Thumbs Down
Thank you Serato loop feature!!

Simian – Never Be Alone
I’m one of those assholes who’s been playing the Justice remix
forever and is totally sick of it. I actually started playing the
original instead of the remix about a year ago, before most people
here were playing the remix (I’m so cool right?). It was a bitch to
get the 45 of this from Europe when I didn’t use Serato. Things done
changed, I guess.

Alter Ego – Rocker
This is a couple years old, but I’ve never heard anyone play it out
in New York (maybe this says more about where I go than anything
else). It’s still an awesome song, and maybe even ahead of it’s time.

DJ Class – Tear Da Club Up
Oh man, another song everyone’s probably sick of. Whatever; this is a
king among songs, and I don’t think I’m going to get tired of playing
it. I hate when DJs play it before they’ve really had a chance to
“rock this bitch” — am I supposed to tear the club up for you or the
guy who just played before you?

Cousin Cole ft. Notorious BIG – Where Brooklyn At
This is a synthesis of ideas from Griff & Booman (Pick Em Up) and DJ
Mister Cee (Where Brooklyn At), but it’s not really a mashup. Maybe
you could call it an interpolation. I wanted to throw in that SWV
“Right Here” response too, but I couldn’t get it to where I liked it.
The sound quality is pretty shitty, but I don’t really care. Raw dog!!

Rod Lee – Star Track
This is like three great club songs in one, but for this mix you only
get to hear two of them. So go find the real thing!

Mr. Oizo – Patrick 122 (Extended Saxophone Edit)
BLOG HOUSE!! This shit is funky as hell. The saxophone sounds like
it’s trying to play slower but the drums keep whipping it into shape.

Diddy – Get Off (DJ Booman mix)
This track is so great. It makes me retroactively love everything
Puffy’s ever done. And Booman is making some of the best club music
I’ve heard lately. (I think I kind of fucked up the mix into this;

Cousin Cole ft. Jocelyn Brown – Why Waste Your Time (Demo)
This is a new club track I made from Jocelyn Brown’s “Love’s Gonna
Get You” acapella and inspired by Bizarre Inc.’s “Why Waste Your
Time.” Dumb and simple. The kick drums sound like shit here. I guess
I played it too loud.

Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & DOE – Way I Are (Cousin Cole’s Unwound Mix)
Man, I’m SO happy with this remix. I feel like an asshole for saying
it, but I really love it — I’ve probably listened to it about 40
times since I made it a week ago. If you didn’t guess, the samples
are chopped from Marva Whitney’s “Unwind Yourself” (the original
source for Mark the 45 King’s “The 900 Number,” itself the source for
DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat.”) I feel like this could be on Hot
97… Someone make it happen!

Cousin Cole – More Models
This is my remix of “Make it Rain (Remix).” I didn’t let it play past
the first chorus, but let me just say I love R Kelly on this song!

MIA – Bird Flu (Guns Up Buraka version)
Got this off the Mad Decent website. I prefer the original, but I
think this one hits a little harder and it’s easier to mix. MIA’s new
album is shaping up to be amazing.

Wes Fif ft. BOB – Haterz Everywhere (Cousin Cole Remix)
My remix isn’t too different from the original, but I think it’s cool
anyway. I was trying to go for an Ed Banger-y overdriven bass sound
but I don’t know if it really came out. You’ll be pleased to know
that it’s still a rap song (I didn’t give it a dance beat except in
the intro). I edited out the second verse just to move along more

Allez Allez – African Queen (Quiet Village remix)
And then we come down…

Noosha Fox – The Heat is On
This is a nice oddball summer song by the singer of “SSSingle
bed” (Fluxblog I see you!) I think this might be considered Balearic
or Cosmic or something or maybe it’s too weird and poppy.