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17 thoughts on “Chip’s Justice Freestyle

  1. Chris

    i am sorry this is really awful… on top of that there are already way to many remixes of this song!

  2. Nate

    Anybody can rap HORRIBLY over a justice song.

    but this mad my ears bleed

  3. mephitix

    Chip is good, but this is kinda wack. His sound is a lot better when he slows the fuck down. Also I have my doubts this is a freestyle…

  4. Valentin

    not really his style 100+ bpms but at least its better than that Ghostface “Thrilla” song. A+ for effort.

  5. Kib

    CHIP!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes from Cleveland! cmon!
    This is my dude right here!
    awesome post!

  6. ohio dude

    this is kinda the sucks. why did you guys post this? and yeah spit some cleveland slang homie… they ride slabs in texas.

  7. mike

    cleveland slang is the same shit as texas slang

    cleveland has nothing of its own

    regardless chip is tight

  8. Anonymous

    quit hatin. chip is got other shit wayyy better than this so jst stop dick ridin and appreciate underground shit instead of that commercial rap and fake gangsta rap that coca cola and pepsi pay for.

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