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32 thoughts on “Kanye West – Stronger (official video)

  1. Linus

    Boring Video. But the track still banging. I’ll Guess that he’s not gonna win the videoaward this year either.

  2. andre

    boring video, although u can see the daft punk influence with the anime and japanese writing. was hoping for a bit more to be honest.

  3. piotr

    as 4 me track ain.t banging at all
    it seems like a low quality remix of daft punk
    kanyes flow totaly does not go with this kind of thing
    should have gone out as bootleg or something

  4. magiccornflake

    I’d like to nominate this track for :

    * weakest production of 2007
    * laziest sampling in 2007
    * worst track of 2007

  5. Pire

    Akira obviously does influence this video ,…
    there’s some rodoïds of the anime .
    Kanye “Tetsuo Shima” West wants his revenge !

  6. Poo Juice

    Kanye’s gone Diddy: take a song, put a different kick and clap under it, rap over it.

    The L, the A, the Z, the Y, the L, the A, the Z, the Y it’s lazy.

  7. Pire

    This is Akira’s theme !
    Kanye “Testsuo Chima” West wants his revenge !

  8. ruftouch

    ripped bustas idea of ripping daft punk and hasn’t really improved on it. tbh i actually prefer bustas ‘touch it’ to this.

    also…good work on the video discobelle but gorilla vs bear just about beat u i think ;)

  9. soopa doopa

    too bad he doesnt turn into a giant fucking amoeba in the end.

  10. junglenut

    Thats BS! Kanye punks of simian at the video awards and Daft Punk makes a video with him. I wonder what simian thinks.

  11. junglenut

    Thats BS! Kanye punks off simian at the video awards and Daft Punk makes a video with him. I wonder what simian thinks.

  12. yoyo

    He punks off Justice mostly, not Simian even though it’s for a Justice vs Simian song.

  13. Anonymous

    “does anybody make real shit anymore?”

    why is kanye such a loser?

    i was kind of hoping mano would “juke this bitch out!!!” on the remix.

    didn’t happen.

    i think ill just start mixing the original daft punk song into my sets. better than any of this bullshit.

    pps- dp are making $$$$$$$x1,00,00,00 for the sample and the video cameo. no more, no less. you don’t have to like kanye to like his money.

  14. nick:danger

    this is another shining example of kanye’s inadequacy of creating any thing original, leeching on to hot sounds only to dry them out and kill them. it’s like witnessing a whale beach itself. and i’m actually from chicago.

    what happened to his own sound? his first album was so interesting, so innovative and such a summer anthem. nowadays kanye bottomfeeds, i’m just glad he didn’t sample anything more underground that france has been producing. the last thing i’d ever want was the electro house movement being characterized by this assclown.

    if you like this type of music- sans kanye- check out my page. http://redthreat.wordsearch.com

  15. h venture

    “does anybody make real shit anymore?” – lol yeah kanye taking a chorus and sampling it OVER AND OVER for a solid three minutes with very very little changes (aside from a tempo drop) is “real” shit.

    LOL fucking retard.

    i don’t know if i can elaborate on any of the other KWest bashing that’s already happened. I actually don’t think anything needs to be said, watch the video, the assclown makes a fool of himself. what a fucking lazy asshat.

  16. SeriousBizness

    Someone please re-send the memo to Kanye that sampling a current artist – and a lame sample at that – is fucking WAQQ!!! Note to hip hop – stick to your guns – yr trying too hard.
    This is pure garbage.

  17. kaneda

    tetsuo would implode kanye in a second if he were still on this planet. if he decided to bite akira, then he should have include kaneda’s bike. that shit never gets old. best anime aver, soso video at best. love that daft o.g though.

  18. anon



  19. Anonymous

    daft punk must be gettin payed a pretty penny for this shit! tune is okish, but that sample is sooo old now!, why dont they just concentrate on making a good album after they let so many peeps down last time, in fact i’ll be suprised if they ever make one, they seem to be raking in all the cash they can at the moment, maybe early retirement?

  20. LeeHead

    Song is good. Video is good too. As far as the “does anyone make real shit anymore” comment, i believe it pertains to rap/hip-hop as a genre, and this song would is considerably more “real”/original than any Lil Wayne bullshit.

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