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New T.I.

Jun 27 2007

The new T.I. album “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” will drop on july 3rd (we posted the track with Jigga a few days ago). The album is looking pretty good with production from The Runners, Mannie Fresh, Wyclef, Eminem (check Fluokids for that track), Danja and this track from Just Blaze. We’ve always been digging Just Blaze and “Help Is Coming” doesn’t let us down. The usual strings and larger than life production from Just Blaze with a frantic swagger from T.I. about how he is the man that’s gonna save hip hop.

T.I. – Help Is Coming (YSI)

T.I. – Help Is Coming (zShare)

3 thoughts on “New T.I.

  1. Poo Juice

    Just BlaaAAAAaaaze.
    My fave producer of all time. Mucho gusto.

  2. RR

    what can i say it’s just blaze… one of his best production work since freeway’s “line em’ up”!!!

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