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Mixin’ It Up: Zombie Disco Squad

Jul 6 2007

Mixin’ It Up is back! And the first mix after our brief summer hiatus is this excellent mix from the boys in Zombie Disco Squad. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“The Zombie Disco Squad are Nathaniel Hollywood and Lucas Hunter, both hail from South London and the Brixton area. The two have been Djing across Europe for the last two years, their mixes place particular emphasis on bass heavy, jacking productions. They currently have their residency ‘Get Rude’ which takes place every second Saturday at the intimate settings of The Catch Bar in London (www.myspace.com/getrudeinthedisco), the night mixes Ghetto House, Electro, Booty Bass, Fidget House, Baile Funk and Baltimore Club. Watch out for their new productions and remixes out later this year. You can catch them at the Creamfields, Global Gathering and Field Day festivals this year.

With the ‘Flashback’ mix we wanted to make a mix that covered a few genres whilst remaining jacking at all times. The mix builds slowly from Classic Chicago House through Baltimore, Baile Funk, Fidget House and ends up with big room, peak time electro. The mix represents the importance we place on building a set from start to finish and being able to warm up and create a mood. We hope you like it……”


Jesse Saunders – On and On (vocal mix)

Jesse’s song presents a perfect intro track, the long intro and hypnotic bass provides a slow build to the rest of the mix. More importantly we wanted to work some classic Chicago into the mix, the genre is often over looked.

Kw Griff – Cool

Prince + Baltimore Club = tears of joy. KW Griff is one of our favourite Baltimore Club producers, he manages to construct tracks from a few simple hooks that still bang.

Purple Crush – Shopping on the dancefloor (Krames Remix)

90’s House is a guilty pleasure of ours. Krames takes the original back to the days of Robyn S adds a little Bmore magic and stuttered vocals, the result acts as a great transition to the next stage of the mix.

Edu-K – Gatas Gatas Gatas

No mix is complete without Edu K, he is one of our favourite dudes ever. We saw him perform in London earlier this year, he spent half of the performance lying on the floor in between some lucky girls legs. Watch out for our remix of his ‘Rave Zombie’ tracks, coming soon.

Neurotico 24: Agente Fura

Baile Funk is one of the rawest types of music ever, this track makes us want to do backspins. We are working on a techno version of this track.

Foals – Hummer (Surkin Remix)

If New Rave was true to its name then this would be the epitome of it all. Small Surkin makes big songs and heavy hooks, the track comes complete with horns, cut up vocals and the Think break. Its our favourite thing he has done to date. It also provides the ramp to the next phase of the JACK-ATTACK!

Clark Able – Lemon Head

The Crookers put us onto Clark, fresh Italian talent. This track sounds like Flat Eric’s fidgety brother. Bad bassline!

The Bulgarian – Lovely Bounce

Dimitre produces wonky, jacking house, he is definitely one to look out for in the future . This track takes samples from original African chants and singing and places them over a huge bassline and off kilter percussion. Tribal house anyone?

Justice – Waters of Nazareth (Blisscotheque Edit)

Blisscotheque take a very glitchy and stuttered song and make it dancefloor and DJ friendly by the use of Ghetto samples, super hi hats and the Washing Up beat. We probably wouldn’t have revisited this track for another year or so, but this edit is so good we couldn’t pass it up.

DJ Slugo – Shake that Ass

This track provides a break in the mix, the original is around 145bpm, slowed down it turns into a mad Ghetto House masterpiece. DJ Slugo makes nasty, raw sex music which we love very much.

Robosonic – Die Verwandlung (Jesse Rose Remix)

Mr Jesse Rose has a real talent of combining the Dubsided sound with a little minimal magic, the two end up really complimenting each other. Watch out for the big stabs that made us jack our faces off.

Olav Basoski – Push_Me

Stuttered Jay-Z samples, squeaky hooks, off kilter hats, sharp snares and rumbling kicks make for an amazing track that moves the mix from wonky fidget to 4/4 electro goodness.

Glitter Queen – Gail In Then O (John Acquaviva Damon Jee Remix)

Progressive house has always been a dirty word in the Zombie household, however, this song takes elements of progressive and makes it into a excellent slow building electro house banger. The synth latches on to our arms, head and legs forcing rhythmatic movements and wild jerks. Pow!

Outlander – The Vamp (Kevin Gorman remix)

Another in a long list of songs that are going back to old rave stabs, it provides the perfect big anthem to end the mix.

Love in no particular order outro

We have wanted to make this for a while. It is in no way representative of any ‘scene’ as such (if it were, there would be a lot of dudes left out), it just name checks our friends and peers…..

Download: Zombie Disco Squad – Flashback Mixtape for Discobelle (zShare)

BONUS: Here’s a Discobelle exclusive of a track from The Bulgarian that features Spoek from Sweat X (it was written about Zombie Disco Squad). The track will be the b-side to the single ‘The Other Door’ out on Potty Mouth Music soon.

The Bulgarian (ft. Spoek) – The Zombie Door (Vox version) (YSI)

The Bulgarian (ft. Spoek) – The Zombie Door (Vox version) (zShare)

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