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Jul 11 2007

The german electroparty duo Modeselektor have been killing it for a few years now, in 2005 they released their sophomore album “Hello Mom” which had people going nuts. Then they followed that with a slew of remixes of tracks from the very same album along with some banging remix work for TTC, Ellen Allien etc etc. In 2007 they performed at Sonar in Barcelona and it was one of the most talked about sets of the festival. Now they’re getting ready to release a new album entitled “Happy Birthday” which is set to drop on September 9th. It’s a bit of a wait but we here at Discobelle thought you could enjoy this track that was released last year while you wait. This track is a semi-secret release that the guys did under their Fifty Weapons moniker, it blends the 50 Cent track “Just A Little Bit” with beats made by Dabrye and Ghislain Poirier.

Modeselektor – 50 Weapons (YSI)

Modeselektor – 50 Weapons (zShare)

PS. Gothenburg peeps, we’re playing at the club Elvira & The Partymonsters tonight together with Spank Rock. You shouldn’t miss it, see you there!

11 thoughts on “Modeselektor

  1. mandark

    do we hear something that sounds like ‘dans le club – ttc’ or it’s just a product of my mind?

  2. felixdahouserat

    yeah, the new modeselektor stuff is KICKARSE. especiall that new vesion of HYPER HYPER. (we neeed a bassdrummm!)

  3. ravaza

    to mandark:
    there’s a “dans le club” intro sample in it, no doubt about it !

    I saw TTC at the louvre museum in paris last week and Dj Orgasmic had a techno track with ttc vocals (who says :’cathedral techno’).
    Is it a track from the new modselektor album ?
    It didn’t sounds like PARA ONE or Tacteel for me.

  4. redhotcar

    “I saw TTC at the louvre museum in paris last week and Dj Orgasmic had a techno track with ttc vocals (who says :’cathedral techno’).”

    Track called “2000007” on Happy Birthday.

  5. ravaza

    Thanx redhotcar.
    I am so lazy I didn’t verify the tracklist of the album to come.
    Is the track already available somewhere ?

    ps: Hey you’re from Tours aren’t you ?
    like me. Mais pourquoi je parle anglais alors ?

  6. twig

    heeey!!! det va asgrymt igÃ¥r!! kom tillbaka snart o DÃ… vill jag höra ‘i’m a flirt’!

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