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47 thoughts on “Soulja Boy

  1. ATLien

    It’s oversaturating ATL is what it is. I want to kick in my friggin speakers when it comes on the radio every half hour. Plus the song itself is too repetitive.

  2. Jared

    ATLien- it sounds really sexy and exotic if you live in Madrid.

  3. kasino

    damn. my ears just vomited shit…

    let me go clean it up…

    kasino kasino kasino

  4. Ben

    there’s a bunch of crank dat other superheros. youtube crank dat spidaman and batman. pretty stupid shit, but kinda funny

  5. Axl

    What´s up with A Bathing Ape being so trendy in the US? It was hot in Europe about eight years ago,,,,c´mon!

  6. t weez

    wow, this is the worst song ever! and anyone who says that it’s anything more than horrible should have their ears cut off (they don’t deserve the right to hear.)

  7. sami G

    aiight if youu got a fucking problem wit this song then go freakin fuck yourself….cuz dis song iz thee best song ever fuckin made!! ight ight! now if you hve a fuckin problem den call me! ight niggaz??…(329-8002)!! much luv for muh soulja boy

  8. Johnny Warren

    im torn between this song but serio whats with the macho man shades

  9. courtney

    u is so fine damn I wish I was older cuz i would holla at yuuuuuuuuuuuuua, u look gud wit dem grillz

  10. ben dover

    he says watch me crank and watch me roll u fuckin idiot.. this guy rocks the 3XL pretty good looks like a baby haha

  11. baby phat

    sexy boi crank that come and supersok this than and the person who said why u have to super soke that they is icth

  12. Soulja Boy that song is hella tight. Keep up with dem tight songs.

    Soulja boy u a pimp due. What u like 18 and u hecka famous.keep doin what do mann .

  13. Muhammad

    Hi I am your fan can you send me your autograph and can you give me your Email.

  14. Desiree Brown

    Soulja boy is fine! leave him alone!! even though i’m married to chris brown i can still look @ soulja boy!! (and dat song is theee best non-chris breezy song eva!!)

  15. Soulja Gurl

    LEAVE MY SOULJA BOY ALONE! Dat song frickin rox!! if u a hatta, y u b lookin @ his pic? Soulja boy rox and u just jealous, dats all!

  16. soulja girl

    soulja boy is da sickest thang alive all of you M_F hattaz need to get a better job cause you guyz deep down in side love his guts for shits sake so shut the fuck up anda all u soulja girl keep lving him but remember he is naturally mine bitcheszzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. azizah

    yo who u talking to buot bitches mis fake sg you shut the fuck up not every one is going to love everythang and everone and uh by da way i love soulja boy he is sooooooooo hot and always will be so chill my gurl

  18. jzwief

    soulja boy is a dumbass. i dont get it. blacks want to be respected in america but every chance they get, they act like fuckin idiots. and i honestly dont think this shit is thier culture”. its just shit.

  19. jzwief

    now if u want to find real african-american culture look at reggae and dub. that stuff actually has meaning. all rappers do i s talk about thier bitches and money. first dont be disrespectful to women. and if i was a black women and i i was treated like an object for sex id kick that rappers ass. and stop acting like your so rich. causes really. the majority of african americans are not that wealthy. most are in the middle and lower class. and honestly ur culture is extremly materialistic. and kind of obessed with wealth…………. sorry. but really solida boy is a dumbass.

  20. kevjones representin maryland

    ayy yo soulja bot this song is the nicest, @ first i thought you were wack with the other songs like motorcylce snap and shit because u said the same shit through the song don’t get me wroung you do the same shit in this one but the beat and dance is tight o and yuuuua rap a lil lol

  21. photolitherland

    The first time I heard this song I was like wow this is the worst song ever! its recorded horribly and its just all around crap, i mean come on people this song sucks the big one! Its not about anything and is totally mindless, rap is total crap nowadays, used to be good in the early 90s but now its just crap for real!

  22. Mr kool

    soulja boy is the best song eva if you dont fink so then ohh wel you a nob jockey in ew!!!!

    Supermann Dat Hoe

  23. sulja girl

    whats good? soulja boy! yeah i heard yo album its tight. or whateva o and i like dat bootymeat thats my favorite 1 but holla at ya gurl though.

  24. Mrdjskip

    wat is that white out on his glasses? in walmart too. I’d be embarrassed to be his friend or even be near him. haha…. hes the worst thing to happen to hip-hop.

  25. ur mom

    this porchmonkey is such a fail, hope he dies and goes to nigger hell

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