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11 thoughts on “Dirty Disco Youth

  1. heather

    actually, (nerd voice) the boys noize album will be called “oi oi oi”, i think he’s just describing the sound…

  2. finn

    well the boys noize remix isn t that far away from its original is it? the remix has its peak at the same parts as the original, don t really get the point of this remix. weak copy – somehow.

  3. clean disco youth

    at least he tried. he’ll learn from these mistakes!


    I think this is the first time a hear something electronic from an viennese guy and i have to say i love it!!!! Are there other crazy artist from this little country?????

  5. alex

    I only know the original track from the boys noize myspace and yeah of course it’s similar to the original but it’s an remix of an instrumental track… I don’t know if there is the original track existing yet in the blogosphere but when i compare the original from the myspace to the remix i think the remix is more intensive.. i could be wrong but it seems to me that there is an cool agressive distorted synth mixed with the original synth so it sounds really huge… All i can say is that i really enjoyed listening and i could really imagine dancin to it like mad in my favorite clubs!


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