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We got mail (week 29-30)

Jul 29 2007

We got a whole lot of stuff to offer you today and since we didn’t do a We got mail last week, here’s a massive post of two weeks worth of music that trickled its way into our mailbox.

First up are these tracks that our friend Eric that does the amazing La New Shit blog sent us. They’re made by a russian dj named Hot Einstein.

Hot Einstein – Go Back (Radio Edit) (zShare)

Ciara – 1 2 Step (Hot Einstein Remix) (zShare)

The Paris dj duo Loo & Placido sent us this track of “dirty electro mash” (AC/DC meets Jason with a little bit of Peaches thrown in). More of their stuff can be found here.

Loo & Placido – Bastards At Work (direct link)

Our old friend Lorn has a new track out. Great as always!

Lorn – My Drum Machine (direct link)

An old aquintance, Ean Golden, did a mash up with Rich Boy and SebastiAn.

Ean Golden – Throw D’s (zShare)

Two mashed up tracks from Neil aka Ham Burgaz.

Justice vs. Purple Ribbon All Stars – One Minute To Midnight (Ham Burgaz Kryptonite Dub) (zShare)

Ham Burgaz – I Need A Dime (Klaxons/Broken Social Scene/NYPC/Mike Jones & Ying Yang Twins/Three 6 Mafia/Bloc Party remix of Chromeo) (zShare)

Here’s a “lumberthug hip-house with Weezy on da hook” track from Brooklyn’s Kingdom.

Kingdom – Jump Up, Step Back (zShare)

Irad gave us his Amanda Blank remix.

Amanda Blank – Get It Now (Irad Music remix) (zShare)

The two irishmen turned New Yorkers in The Glass have a new remix out and they just released a new EP entitled “Couples Therapy” that’s available digitally while the physical copy is set to drop in september.

Robbers on High Street – Married Young (The Glass remix) (zShare)

Ben Ko (that tells us he’s actually from Maryland) provides us with some b-more.

Ben Ko – 3, 2, 1 (zShare)

Two sweet edits from Scottish dj PVK.

Cassie – Me & U (PVK edit) (Divshare)

Nas – Blindfold Me (PVK edit) (Divshare)

David in Toronto aka Egyptrixx sent us his Paul Simon remix. He also told us that he’s going on tour with the Cream Team crew this fall so you should check them out if they roll through your city.

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Egyptrixx remix) (zShare)

Our friend Joey aka Cremé Prulée down in Austria has been featured in our We got mail section before and he sent over a new track.

Cremé Prulée – Dancing (zShare)

EOWOXX from Tokyo (he’s friends with BetaPanama that was just featured here on Discobelle) was kind enough to give us another B-mored version of a j-pop track. This is cool so grab it! He also did a mix that you should check.

EOWOXX – Doreamon Theme (B-mored) (zShare)

EOWOXX – Nobody Likes Mix (zShare)

Mark from Delaware gives us his take on the M.I.A. track “Boyz”.

M.I.A. – Boyz (Sports Disaster re-edit (zShare)

Edwin Van Cleef does a remix of the new 50 Cent joint “She Wants It”.

50 Cent (ft. JT) – She Wants It (Edwin Van Cleef remix) (direct link)

Our buddy Patrick aka The Captain that’s behind the Cut NYC nights and Trouble & Bass sent us these two new mixes. Enjoy!

The Captain – All Around NY mix (zShare) (Tracklist)

The Captain – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly AKA Summer Heartbreak Mix (direct link) (Tracklist)

DJ B-Ju (a former DMC champ) sent us this mix which you should definetely check out.

DJ B-Ju – I did It For The Money Bootleg Mix (zShare)

Jess aka Jess Jubilee from the always on point blog La Decadanse and Modular Records sent us this banging mix that she did together with Jon from Proper Villains.

Yoga Booty Ballet Mix (zShare)

Flufftronix just embarked on a tour with Curtis Vodka and did a mix for the occasion, check it!

Flufftronix – Summer Transit Insanity Mix (zShare) (Tracklist)

DJ Tipz brings us this mixtape chokeful of thugstep.

DJ Tipz – Thugstep Mixtape (Filefront)

The Most Bangin’est crew give us their great mix that’s about their love for NYC.

Most Bangin’est – New York, I Love You Mix (zShare)

Our swedish buddy DJ PreRoll that lives Dubai is on holiday in Sweden and celebrates with a new Sweet & Sour mix.

DJ PreRoll – Sweet & Sour Bedroom Action 004 Mix (zShare)

Our friend from Grindin’, Phil (who does the great blog Hugs From The Honeys, Pounds For The Roughnecks) put together this great mix.

Teflon Tape – Shut The Fuck Up And Stand Still Mix, Summer 2007 (zShare) (Tracklist)

Yet another Torontonian, DJ Twenty Twenty, made this mix.

Dj Twenty Twenty – Take Your Stunner Shades Off Mix (zShare)

Sandy sent us a summer mix.

Sandy O’Brien – Summer 07 Mix (zShare)

Phew, that’s it for this week. See you again next sunday.

23 thoughts on “We got mail (week 29-30)

  1. justice, big boi, andre,bloc party

    hamburgaz sux so bad
    please stop remixes our music
    if u can even call it that


    fyi, thats Cassie on the Me & U trak not Ciara. get cho divas straight cuzzin

  3. Anonymous

    damn, what a dope sunday post! i need the tracklist of the dj b-ju and the “new york, i love” mix. shit is bangin!

  4. fenz

    damn, what a dope sunday post! i need the tracklist of the dj b-ju and the “new york, i love” mix. shit is bangin!

  5. othello Peppertooth

    In the sandy O’Brien summer 07 mix can anyone tell me what song it is that drops in at 14:47 to about 19:00….Thanks a bunch

  6. sandy

    the song that comes in is Acid Kids – Twisterkitchen (awesome track)

    here’s the full tracklist:

    She’s a Man – In the Club (Killdahype remix)
    Rocketmen – Candy (the Ashton Shuffle remix)
    Ben Mono – Hit the Bit (Loose Cannons remix)
    Acid Kids – Twisterkitchen
    The Rakes – the World Was a Mess but His Hair Was Perfect (Tronik Youth remix)
    Coburn – We Interrupt This Program (Ferry Corsten remix)
    DJ DLG – Your Eyes (original mix)
    Melinda Jackson – Magic (Moustache remix)
    Chromeo – Tenderoni (Sinden remix)
    Claude Vonstroke – the Whistler (the Ashton Shuffle remix)
    The Freaks – the Creeps (Vandalism remix)
    Roy Rogers – Mamma Mia

  7. diizy

    yo yo yo nothin wrong with hamburgaz here – no need to hate!

    hot einstein is the best thing out of russia since tetris! i love his stuff.
    excellent post!
    martin, i’ll have something to you in the week – i keep forgeting about sundays.

  8. tristan

    i don’t usually comment on things i don’t like, but i have to say that Ham Burgaz was one of the worst things i have heard in a long time.

  9. nadja

    can someone tell me the name of the first track of the “I did It For The Money Bootleg Mix”? that mix + o’briens are freakin awesome!

  10. Jake Komara

    That hot Einstein is F-F-F-FIRE!!!!!!!!! got it on repeat at the moment. Much love but Hot Einstein sounds like something you do to someone during sex, give em the ol’ hot einstein

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