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Mixin’ It Up: Don Rimini parte deux

Aug 3 2007

One of our favorite people, parisian producer/dj Xavier Gassemann aka Don Rimini, decided to grace us with another mix. He did a stellar Mixin’ It Up back in february and since we liked it so much here’s a new, equally stellar, hard hitting mix (along with some bonus goodies) for you all to enjoy. Now, let the man himself do the presentation:


“KW Griff – The Force

My favorite Baltimore track of the moment. Perfect intro. The dark side of the Force. Naaamean?

D.I.M – Frogger

I think I slightly prefer d.i.m ‘s productions to Boys Noize’s. Why? ‘Cause there’s this (dark-side-of-the-force) irregular structure of the synthetizers. But d.i.m and Boyz Noise share the same secret: how to turn the crowds on!

Fatboy Slim – Love Island

I love big beat. Especially when its brought to us by the Master himself! Nostalgic sequency guaranteed! God bless Norman Cook!

Justin Timberlake – Love Stoned (Justice remix)

Frenchies are everywhere, for the best and for the worst…! But Xavier and Gaspard’s reassert they are the kings of the dancefloors, with this amazing remix. Thank you guys!

Roger Seventy Two – Paris Chic

The Dutch are on the top list too, in the person of this guy, Roger Seventy Two. I reckon we’ll be hearing a lot from him in the future. His tracks and remixes are incredible, especially in the way his synthetizers sound. Big up Roger!

Switch – Bricknlace

To me, more than a style between crunk-house and glitch-rave, Switch has become a real trademark! The basslines are huge. I love it.

Kate Wax – Catch The Buzz (Surkin remix)

Surkin: everything he touches turns to gold, so don‘t hesitate go and buy this EP released by Mental Groove. Benoît, you are scissor’s master: cut, cut, and it kicks ass!

Don Rimini – Sumo And Geishas

Who’s this guy? The “pizza-man” getting inspiration from the rising sun? It’s up to you to say if it there’s enough spicy oil?!!!?

John Dahlbäck – Now It’s Not Summer

By the way, weather’s crap in France at the moment. In particular in Paris; that’s where I live. A crazy and schizophrenic track, reminds me of Paul Woolford’s “Erotic discourse”.

Human Resource Vs 808 State – Dominator Vs Cubik (Soulwax Renominator Mix)

Back to rave! The Belgian brothers bring these two rave classics back to live, for our biggest pleasure.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Guns N Bombs remix)

The best remixers of the moment! I’m impressed with the saturated sound of guitars and synthetisers. This remix I chose is a fine example of it.


I found this track in my old vinyl collection. It’s a sort of white label that was sleeping under a pile of records. “Why didn’t I come across it sooner?”

Dima – Poetry (Shit Again mix)

To me, this is Vitalic’s first hit, under his first name: “Dima”. A banger from the 90ies, don’t you think? “And if you do not agree with me, shit, shit and shit again!”

Brodinski – Bad Runner (Original version)

A track named after such a good movie couldn’t be but a hit!

Shitdisco – Ok (Yuksek remix)

This guy (Yuksek) knows his machines to perfection and uses them with maestria. The tracks and remixes of this Frenchie are so finely produced, they are bound to become classics.

Terry Poison – Ballroom (remixed by datA)

1- Terry Poison girls sing in both English and French, and they have as much fun on stage as in everyday life! On this EP you also find a remix by myself. 2 – Data is a killer!

Nsm Psm – Clap Your Brains Off! (Plus Move remix)

Nice melody, radical bassline, but most of all, a good transaction to faster or harder tracks.

Radioclit – Nelly Ti Picou

I’m fond of this remix of Nelly Furtado, so fresh. Halfway between booty and baile funk. Radioclit rules!

Gogo Charlton – Your Son (Don Rimini remix)

The magical encounter of a pop-rock band and the “pizza-man”. I love myself ! :)

E dancer – Grab The Beat (Joey Beltram remix)

This primary bass melody was fatal to me in the 90ies. In all these years, it’s has never let go of me, so simple and efficient. A classic!!

Clor – Good Stuff

It sounds like booty at first, and then you realise this is a damned good pop anthem.”

Download: Don Rimini – Discobelle Mix Two, August 2007 (zShare)


Go Go Charlton – Your Son (Don Rimini remix) (zShare)

BONUS VIDEO: Don Rimini – Tutto Va Bene (featured on his “Time To Panic” single)