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Jimmy (video)

Aug 8 2007

The much anticipated second album from M.I.A entitled “Kala” will drop on August 8th in Japan and on August 20th in the UK, the internet hype surrounding it has been immense. Among the rumoured producers for the album there’s top names like Switch, Timbaland and Diplo but also lesser known producers such as Blaq Starr. On this track, “Jimmy” – that has been blogged about frequently and it’s basically an updated version of an old Bollywood hit track called
“Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja” – we notice M.I.A heading off into more disco territory. The track, although not quite the club banger, is absolutely amazing and is bound to be a hit. Judging from the amount of times the album has been played here at the Discobelle office, the same goes for the entire album.

BONUS: The original Bollywood “Jimmy” track.

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja (YSI)

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja (zShare)

9 thoughts on “Jimmy (video)

  1. ian

    > The track, although not quite the club banger, is absolutely amazing and is bound to be a hit.

    Really? You believe that??!

  2. Martin Post author

    It’s M.I.A with a pop/disco feeling. There’s a video out already, i think they’ll push this hard thus making it a hit. I’m feeling “Paper Planes” more though.

  3. ian

    Martin, don’t hold your breath. MIA will stay hot in hipster circles for a minute prolly but i think her window to win over the mainstream/pop audience closed when Arular flopped. If Lily Allen flopped in the US, I cant see MIA winning….

  4. kid k

    Well, i cant really see how Arular “flopped” when several songs from that album where torn apart on the dancefloor. And from the new album we already have 3 “club-hits” that is working its way to the top everytime when played out. Xr2, Bird flu and of course the banging Boyz…. Probably Jimmy will be a hit for all “hipsters” for a minute or so that likes that popdisco-feeling. But you cant escape the fact that it is a banging album. Doesnt means that she is going to win over the mainstream, but who really cares about those..? Love this shit!

  5. soopa doopa

    this track will probably be huge in SEA. the vid’s kind of dry though. kind of expect something more out there from her.

  6. liza

    Jimmy is bad. Bad like bad not good. Cheesy dated. Bad structure. Bad not good. But at least she looks good in the video (a good video doesn’t save a bad song). Kala has 3 good tracks : Bird Flu, Boyz, 20$.

  7. pete

    I like it but… Can anyone tell her she doenst have the moves? Just press PLAY and leave it to those who have it on the dance floor… Do i hear Nelly Furtado syndrome? Please send her some Buraka Som Sistema gig footage for some wake up aerobics.

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