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Mixin’ It Up: Local Hero

Aug 10 2007

Pic by Clayton Hauck

Once again the windy city comes through with yet another talent. This week’s Mixin’ It Up comes from Local Hero who was recommended to us by Casi G of Flamin Hotz Records and we’re in no way disappointed with this extraordinary and fresh mix. Without further adue, we give you the mix:

“I’m from the resplendent city of Chicago – Founder of the Chicago promotional crew The New Guard and cofounder of the quickly growing music blog trashmenagerie.com. When Discobelle asked me to do a mix for their mixing it up series, I was in the process of digitizing all my favorite records from years past. The process has reminded me of a lot of great tunes that I had completely forgotten about but now seem to be endlessly pertinent to the modern blog house. In this mix I wanted to avoid making just another blog house mix and instead really illustrate apparent similarities of past and present and thereby show the cyclical nature of modern popular culture. I also wanted to fucking bang it out as hard and as fast as possible with as much raw energy as I could muster. It was made on two turntables and Serato. There is absolutely no reason why I called it “Elotes”. Enjoy!


1. Daddy Guts Luciano – Are You Ready For [Kif]

I’ve always wanted to start a mix off with this tune but I never have. And since this is a mix for Discobelle it’s apt to kick it off with some serious disco.

2. Justice feat. Uffie – The Party (LA Riots rmx) [None]

I never thought I’d see the day that I actually played a tune featuring Uffie but those damned LA Riots made it too hard to resist. I’ve been getting all my recent sets going with this one.

3. Wideboys – Feedback (F Lethal 4×4 Mix) [Garage Jams]

Speed Garage, not bassline house. Big ups to Johnny Love for turning me onto this massive bassline track.

4. Danny S – Disappear [Nocturnal]

I actually came across this banger while digitizing my record collection on the b-side of a tune that I’ve played regularly for eons. Pure hectic energy.

5. Armand Van Helden – You Need It [Armed]

This track came from an album series that AvH did a while back chronicling his take on some of his favorite artists from the 80’s (in this case, INXS). The cover has a picture of him as a kid, rocking a wicked rat tail and sweet dirty sanchez.

6. Leonard De Leonard – Leonizer Fever [Ekler’O’Shock]

Some stunning bouncy breaks from this amazingly talented and overshadowed Frenchman. Look out, It gets pretty epic in the second half when the big pads come in to take us home. This ones available for download at trashmenagerie.com BTW.

7. Bobmo – To The Bobmobile [Institubes]

At first I wasn’t too keen on Bobmo but this track has turned out to be one of my most useful in terms of maintaining energy in a set as well as an excellent transition from b-more to 4×4.

8. Cajmere – Horny [Cajual]

Cajmere’s second best ever tune ev4r. For all you yoots out there (particularly you b-more heads), if you haven’t dug up any old Cajmere stuff offa Cajual Records, besides The Percolator, then you are selling your sets short.

9. Jess & Crabbe – The Big Booya [Fiat Lux]

This ones the tune I’ve probably played more than any other, over the years. It’s arguably one of the best first generation French house tunes. My favorite part is the little cut before the beat drops back in after the breakdown.

10. Klaxons – Golden Skans (DJ Icey rmx) [None]

Yes this track is overplayed but I just love the acid line and epicness that Icey has injected into his version. Also, a lot of people seem to have forgotten about DJ Icey (and I just learned from a german friend that many Europeans don’t even know who he is) but he’s still holding strong making incredibly clean and unique breaky tracks that always work on the floor.

11. Dave Spoon – Background Noise [Toolroom Trax]

Throbbing techno from a guy who’s proving himself to one of the true masters of dirty angry sweaty electro. It’s this kinda techno that gives me boners.

12. Audion – The Pong [Ghostly]

Continuing on the techno theme, another throbbing, loopy techno track from one of the true greats in the genre. The best part is about half way in when the track loses its mind and the two synths and the bass become entirely dissonant but seem to work together perfectly to create a driving tension.

13. Dark Globe – Auto-Erotic (Chad North rmx) [trashmenagerie.com]

This one’s a little techno treat remix of a classic breaks tune from my good friend Chad North outta SF. If you want this one, head to trashmenagerie.com to download it exclusively.

14. Acid Jacks – Mookie [Trouble & Bass]

This song frightens the shit out of me.

15. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Stanton Warriors rmx) [None]

Yes this tune has been remixed and replayed to death but one receives an exclusive Stantons remix of anything, one must play it endlessly and this has to be one of the more unique takes on the tune I’ve heard.

16. Deejay Punk Roc – My Beatbox [White]

Classic, Classic, Classic, Classic­. One of my favorite tracks of all time. I think it’s the vocoder and the subsonic bass that really does me in on this one. I don’t think there’ll ever be another one like Deejay Punk Roc.

17. Para One – Clubhoppin’ (Small Saul rmx) [None]

Finally someone created a playable version of the best cut offa Para One’s seminal full-length. Edited within an inch of its life this version bangs a bit harder than the original.

18. Fafa Monteco – Vous Voulez De La Musique (Sebastian Leger rmx) [Sculpture]

Saxomophone, Saxomophone. Patrick 122 can’t hold a candle to this French sax classic. One of my all time faves.

19. The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose to Give It (Playgroup/Fake Blood rmx) [Southern Fried/None]

This might be the best vocal track of the year and literally every version is fantastic. So fantastic in fact that I had to use two of em in this mix, transitioning from the Baltimore & bass Playgroup remix into the vehemently blog house, Fake blood remix (he’s so hot right now).

20. Groove Armada – Get Down (Elite Force rmx) [Sony]

I am overjoyed that Groove Armada has gone back to creating playable dance music again and it seems like tons of great producers are of the same opinion. In this case it’s the mighty Shack on the remix, metamorphosizing the tune into a brilliant electrohouse banger.

21. DatA – Aerius Light [Naive]

Epic tune!!! The lead is roughly the size of 3 aircraft carriers and has a perfect resolution during the breakdown, just to come back with the original unrelenting riff that takes us out.

22. Bassbin Twins & Mr. No Hands – Adrenaline Ltd. [Diverted Traffic]

Hoooray!!! Big beat’s back!!!!!! I grew up on big beat and I’ve been ranting and raving about how well old big beat works with new electro. And now the one called Bassbin Twins has returned with a new big beat stomper to show the funk still works in the modern scene.

23. Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Dancefloor Killa rmx) [Virgin]

I missed this tune the first time around and for some reason I have absolutely fallen for it. The way the major vocal works with the minor lead synth really creates a palpable tension and sexual energy that makes you want to lick the sweat off the walls.

24. Pizzaman – Happiness [Loaded]

This track holds a lot of meaning for me. It has been present at many of my most important music/life affirming experiences and has been my favorite closing track since I first heard it in the late 90’s. For those of you who are too young to remember, before there was Fatboy Slim, Norman Cook had large degrees of musical success about 4 times over. First as the bassist of the soul pop band The Housemartins, then with the massive rave pop hit ‘Dub Be Good to Me’ by Beats International, then with underground electronic funk band, Freak Power (their big hits were “Tune In, Turn On, Cop Out” and “No Way”) and finally under the moniker, Pizzaman, he really honed the sound that would become Big Beat and drive him to superstardom. This one was pinnacle of that sound.”

Download: Local Hero – Elotes Mix For Discobelle, August 2007 (zShare)