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“Still Good”

Aug 11 2007

We got this new sweet mix from our friend Cosmo Baker in the mail yesterday. We posted his previous summer mix back in june.

“This mix is the sequel to my early summer mix “Feeling Good“. In that mix I tried to capture, using songs that I love and that have a very special meaning to me, a certain feeling that I equate with the beginning of summer. There’s a certain energy and electricity that is about during the first few weeks of the season, when everything seems alive and in it’s right place. For this mix I wanted to try and capture the stillness of summer, when the air is hot and the days are long, and time seems to be moving at a slower pace than normal. This is a companion piece to “Feeling Good” but it takes a different direction and deals with another type of – but no less intense – energy. Enjoy!”

Cosmo Baker – Still Good Mix (zShare)

Catherine Howe “Up North”
Tarika Blue “Dreamflower”
Archie Whitewater “Cross Country”
Lani Hall “Love Song”
Joe Sample “In All My Wildest Dreams”
Taj Mahal “Corinna”
Minnie Riperton “Les Fleur”
Batteaux “Maybe I’ll Run Away”
The Main Ingredient “Summer Breeze”
Quincy Jones “Summer In The City”
Cris Williamson “Shine On Straight Arrow”
Steve Davis “Lalune Blanche”
David Crosby “Music Is Love”
Shuggie Otis “Island Letter”
Sly & The Family Stone “(You Caught Me) Smilin'”
Larry T. & The Family “Where Does The Answer Lie?”
Archie Whitewater “Home Again”
Stevie Wonder “I Gotta Have A Song”
The Albert “One Life”
Odyssey “Battened Ships”
Linda Lewis “Old Smokey”
Milton Wright “Friends And Buddies”
Nina Simone “Feeling Good”