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Mookie (exclusive)

Aug 13 2007

We had some server problems over the weekend but it seems it’s been fixed. Sorry about that. We’re going to get the party started this week with another Discobelle exclusive (thanks to Luca aka Drop The Lime)

The track “Mookie” from the Australian club killers in Acid Jacks was just released last week by Trouble & Bass Recordings (it can also be heard on Local Heros excellent mix that we posted last friday) and it’s one scary electrodriven monster of a track. Here’s what has been said about the track: “These bass hooligans from down under bring you a sweaty club stomping jackin’ house tune, Mookie. A mousy voice rides the beat singing the catchy hook, “I want the mookie!” while a squirty sub heavy bassline bubbles under a 4/4 club romp. Curses! of the Parisian, Institubes label, brings you a twisted New York House cover with his own vocals, and Math Head comes strong with a breaky house acid revision (it can be found over on Attorney Street). Mookie Maxi-Single is your secret dance floor weapon for the season, get that mookie!”

You should all support and buy the EP!

Acid Jacks – Mookie (YSI)

Acid Jacks – Mookie (zShare)

BONUS: The Acid Jacks boys sent this mix over a while back and this is a good time to post it.

Acid Jacks – Robust Blend Mix (YSI)

Acid Jacks – Robust Blend Mix (zShare)

20 thoughts on “Mookie (exclusive)

  1. Poo Juice

    Love Acid Jacks… thank you.
    They have a hilarious Simon Says cover floating about somewhere…

  2. bubbles

    I don’t know. Mookie… Really? I mean come on, Really? Seriously? no, no, I mean it, Really? for reals? I mean like, really?

  3. Jared

    2nd time in 2 days where I’ve heard insane praise of “Mookie” – I think its manages to be boring AND obnoxious at the same time. – bad combo…

  4. iheartbass

    Franki, you do all your a&r work on the internet?
    maybe thats why your music sucks in person.

    new york don’t heart comix.

  5. Casi G

    I don’t think that is the real Franki Chan posting, which can be a problem on this place or a source for wonderful entertainment.

  6. Jake

    Monsieur P post it on his blog last month… Who has the exclusive? Things go so fast ;-)

  7. dfsa

    dear discobelle,

    if you keep posting trouble and bass/affiliates, i will keep checking back.

  8. Calle

    Ive been waiting for aaages for somebody to book the Trouble n Bass massive for gigs in Malmo, Sweden. Discobelle, you local boys, sort it out.

  9. Jake

    Loved mookie! Ridicilous? Without a doubt, and on the edge of repetitiveness for my personal taste – but that is counterd by how happy I get from listening to it, to me it just conveys joy, which is what I want to convey to a dancefloor.

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