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Aug 14 2007

Our friends in Tactic from over in Kansas City just finished this track that they describe as “…new tune that finds us trying to blur the lines of baltimore club, juke, and 4 on the 4 floor friendly dance music”. Listen for yourselves, we’re digging it and it will probably work like a charm in the club. Also be on the lookout for their appearance on the upcoming “Street Bass Anthems Vol. 2” that’s being mixed and produced by one of Philly’s finest, Starkey.

Tactic – Beats Work (YSI)

Tactic – Beats Work (zShare)

12 thoughts on “Tactic

  1. Anonymous

    Normally I try not to comment negatively, but when people say things like “…new tune that finds us trying to blur the lines of baltimore club, juke, and 4 on the 4 floor friendly dance music”, it reeks of pretention and consists of mediocrity or as in this instance, tripe. There’s absolutely nothing special about this track and instead of turning the world on its ear by “blurring lines”, this track manages to just piss me off since it sounds like the work of someone who’s trying to capitalize on the current trends in club music.

  2. Anonymous

    If youre going to comment negatively, “like you normally try not to do”, sign it anonymous. Then no one will know who has the sand in their vagina!

    Well played my friend, well played.

    Nice track BTW.

  3. brent


    but really…made this track as mixing tool that hopefully stood out a bit. not enough tunes out there that help you bridge genre gaps and we hope this shit is useful for those who like to do so. not trying to change worlds. just trying to make useful tunes for our dj friends. take it for what it is y’all!!!

  4. track is bangin

    straight underwater club juice for the hypercolor gang territory in my opinion

    theres a lot of mediocre shit out there but id have to say that this shit is harder than most. negative comment up there is trippin ill play the shit out of this

  5. jason

    I think that calling this track just a DJ tool is probably playing it down a bit. I’ll play the hell out of it as a bangin’ track. Tactic brings it again.

  6. joshuuuua

    Pay close attention to the Tactic boyz – they definitely have plans in store. Many of us in Seattle know these guys very well – and what they’re capable of. Trust – Tactic is just getting started…big ups, fellas! The 206 has your back!!

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