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I Love – Teki Latex

Aug 16 2007

One of our favorite frenchmen, Teki Latex, will be the tearing the roof down with a dj/karaoke set filled to the brim with sweet french electropop at the I Love L’Amour Pour Toi club in Malmö tomorrow night. This is something anyone within a hundred miles from here definetely shouldn’t miss. To further entice you to get your dance on, Teki was kind enough to give us a track from his newly released album “Party De Plaisirs” that also features vocals from the illustrious Bitch Lap Lap aka Feist.

To top it all off we’ve got five tickets for the party, just send us an e-mail before 4 PM tomorrow with the answer to this question: What’s the name of the rap group that Teki is a member of? Include your full name and you’re good to go.

Teki Latex (ft. Bitch Lap Lap) – The Ish (YSI)

Teki Latex (ft. Bitch Lap Lap) – The Ish (zShare)