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Mixin’ It Up: The Bulgarian

Aug 24 2007

Another friday and time for another Mixin’ It Up. This time we present you with the fine gentleman known as The Bulgarian, who gives us a banging fidget house mix that’s guaranteed to make you move your feet. Here’s what he has to say:

“Born in Bulgaria but having lived in Cape Town, South Africa for the last 16 years, The Bulgarian just like to see people dance! That’s entire motivation behind the music he makes and plays. Aside from that look out for the new EP due out on Potty Mouth Music in Chicago and various remix projects that are in the works at the moment. For gig details and more info check out The Bulgarian’s MySpace.

The Mix: Just did this mix with the intention of it being very listenable and smooth as opposed to my usual more lose your nuts to it style of crazy. That being said, the tracks in here aren’t the shy types either. There’s a couple of real belters and as usual a good dose of silly, but throughout there is always the prerequisite ass-shaking groove that is the Fidget and hugest amount of bass I can get away with! So with that, please turn up your sound and enjoy this mix! ;)

1) Brabe – 50 Ways (Unreleased)

Found this kid on MySpace. He’s Dutch and 17 years young! Incredibly original and mature tracks. Somebody needs to sign this kid! And it’s not just this one tune either, everything i’ve heard so far is good, in fact there’s 2 more of his tunes in this mix later on!

2) KiNK – Bad Man Nah Inna Dat (The Bulgarian’s 2007 re-beat) (Bootleg)

A mate from Bulgaria, amazing talent! This tune was a little Beenie Man bootleg he cobbled together in 2003, all i did was dub over my own drums over his for a more 2007 punch, but essentially the track is as he wrote it. Check his stuff out, he’s on my myspace top friends!

3) Jeff Samuel – Fire (Claude Von Stroke’s Like Flya Remix)

“Met” Jeff via MySpace a while back, cool dude, and this tune had a real fidgety element to it and it’s my bridge to the more minimalesque part of my mix. I actually prefer the original mix but the CVS version worked better in the set.

4) Unknown – Unknown

At the request of the artist who gave me the track, i’m not allowed to disclose anything about it yet. But if all goes well this should be out soon on a nice big label. ;)

5) Samim – Heater (Get Physical)

Do I really need to talk about this one. Hehe. Yeah, I like music that doesn’t take itself seriously and this is the epitome of that. Hate it or Love it, its definitely not going to pass by unnoticed.

6) DJ Fame – Anutha Day in The Ghetto (The Bulgarian’s Bounce in The Ghetto Remix) (Potty Mouth)

This is remix I did for Fame’s upcoming ep on Potty Mouth in Chicago. First EP on the label is by the Crookers, Fame’s is the second and, mine will follow after that. Watch this label! ;)

7) Brabe – Schokolade (Unreleased)

The second of the 3 tracks in the mix. Still can’t believe he’s only 17! ;)

8) The Bulgarian – It’s Brunch (Rock Miao Miao) (On The Brink)

This is off my Ignition EP for London’s On The Brink, out now on Juno Download and I believe we may see it pressed to Vinyl fairly soon! The “Rock Miao Miao” is the first thing DJ Phra said to me when he first heard this tune, i loved it so its become the second name to this tune.

9) Dub Pistols – Open (Trevor Lovey’s Open All Hours Re-Jig) (Sunday Best)

As is to be expected from this Speaker Junkie, solid tune and a definite winner with the crowds.

10) Jamie Fanatic & Jesse Voorn – Fire Time (Original)

I just randomly stumbled across this little gem recently, very cool, but those off hi-hats in the intro make it a nightmare to mix! Otherwise its exceptionally crazy and that’s why I like it! ;) hehe.

11) Curses! – What I Need (The Bulgarian’s &^%$ing Remix) (Unreleased)

Myself and Curses! hooked up on myspace where he offered to do a remix swap with me, this is what i did and I’m waiting to see what he’s gonna come up with! ;)

12) Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe (Switch Remix) (Wichita)

Have to give props to the man who’s responsible for popularising Fidget house so much. And this remix is really dope, it reminds me more of his older Solid Groove productions which is how I got into the genre in the first place.

13) The Bulgarian – Ignition (On The Brink)

Title track off of the Ignition EP for On The Brink. Get it on Juno Download.

14) Brabe – She’s Really Got You (Unreleased)

Last one, but by now you should be convinced of this kid’s talent. I hope he gets signed soon, can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Respect!

15) The Bulgarian – Into The Groove (Potty Mouth)

This is forthcoming on my Zombie Door EP for Potty Mouth Music in Chicago. Should be out in about 2.5 months hopefully. Just mixing up a little 303 acid with my drum ‘n bass roots.

16) The Bulgarian – Uptown Jack

Also from the Ignition EP, and probably my best break and build-up ever. It always get the hands and glow-sticks in the air, hehe.

17) Bryan Cox – Get Nasty (Crux/Weapon)

Bryan Cox, if you know who he is (and he’s quite well known) is not usually a name one might associate with this kind of music but lately he’s been turning his hand to the dirtier and more fidgety side of the house spectrum and I say “Bring It ON!”. This tune is NASTY!

18) The Bulgarian ft. Spoek & Bukky – The Zombie Door (Potty Mouth)

Title track for the Potty Mouth EP, I have to big-up my friend Spoek from Sweat.X and the lady Bukky for the killer zombie vox on this one. Expect to hear it in Zombie Disco Squad sets… ;) There’s also a killer remix by Santiago & Bushido that will be on the EP as well, check it out on their MySpace, absolutely mental!!!

19) Alex Holland – Put It To The Back Of Your Mind (Cheeky Dub) (Atlantic Jaxx)

Until a friend pointed this release out to me I’d never heard of this guy, but its on Basement Jaxx’s label, and this song is killer so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for his next release.

20) Goodbooks – The Illness (Herve Dub) (CDR)

Omfg! Insane. Best piece of work by Mr Harvey this whole year! Just mad. I just love ending on high notes! ;)

Download: The Bulgarian Mix For Discobelle, Aug 07 (zShare)

PS: If you’re in Malmö, you can catch The Bulgarian along with Duke Dumont and our danish friends in Yohad at the club Drama that goes down at Debaser tomorrow night (Aug 25th).