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Crimp Yr Hair – XM Radio Mix

Aug 25 2007

Our friends in Philly dj/production duo Crimp Yr Hair put together this ace mix for Gavin and the INDEED radio show over at XM Radio. Full of electro that’ll make you wanna shake your fist and dance all night!

Crimp Yr Hair – XM Radio Mix Aug 07 (YSI)

Crimp Yr Hair – XM Radio Mix Aug 07 (zShare)


1. GUI BORATTO- Beautiful Life
2. The GO-GO’S- Our Lips Are Sealed
3. THE WHIP- Divebomb (Crystal Castles remix)
5. LO-FI-FNK- TheCity (The Teenagers remix)
6. THE AVALANCHES- Ray of Zdarlight
7. UTAH SAINTS- Something Good (Van She Tech remix)
8. KLAXONS- It’s Not Over Yet (Crimp Yr Hair remix)
9. ELECTROLUXE FAMILY- Rock That Shit (Vicarious Bliss remix)
10. JUSTICE- Stress
11. CRYSTAL CASTLES- Air War (Crimp Yr Hair remix)
12. JAI-ALAI SAVANT- White On White Crime (Shir Khan remix)
13. PRINCESS SUPERSTAR- Perfect (Tonite Only remix)
14. HAIL SOCIAL- Modern Love and Death