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Aug 29 2007


We love Hervé (aka Count Of Monte Cristal aka Speaker Junk aka Dead Soul Brothers aka Joshua Harvey) and we love “The Salmon Dance”. The combination of the two is lethal! Herve turns this from a fun loving dancey Chemical Brothers single with quirky rapping by Fat Lip into a full fledged fidget house monster that even makes the rapping sound fierce along with a bassline that will turn over the dancefloor.

If you’re in Gothenburg on friday (at The Eye). Or if you’re in Malmö at The Rumble on saturday, you must catch his sets! It’s gonna be legendary…

Chemical Brothers РSalmon Dance (Herv̩ remix) (YSI)

Chemical Brothers РSalmon Dance (Herv̩ remix) (zShare)

BONUS: Here’s the video for the original track.