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Remix Juvelen

Sep 10 2007

Pic by Jesper Berg from Oh Baby.

Once again we’re facing a week of exciting stuff here at Discobelle (psst, check in on friday for an extraordinary mix). Today we’re featuring another remix contest with one of our favorite Swedish artists, Juvelen (the last one we had was a success). Since Juvelen recently released his new single “They Don’t Love You”, we thought that it would be a good idea to get it out there for all you talented and creative remixers. Go ahead and have some fun with this then send it over to us so we can pass along the goodness.

Juvelen – They Don’t Love You (acappella) (zShare)

Juvelen – They Don’t Love You (acappella, choir) (zShare)

Juvelen – They Don’t Love You (instrumental) (zShare)