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Lost Valentinos megamix

Sep 12 2007


This mix has already been on a few blogs but Jean from Kitsuné gave it to us and after listening to this mix for some time we couldn’t sleep on it any longer. Lost Valentinos are another indieband from Australia causing a stir on them internets and on support slots worldwide, and with the help of this megamix put together by Gimmick Machine that features dancefloor remixbombs from some of their Australian friends including the guys in Bag Raiders, Comets and Bang Gang vs. Van She Tech it won’t be long until they move onto bigger things. They just released their first european EP last week and it’s entitled “Miles From Nowhere”, we suggest you cop it.

Lost Valentinos – Miles From Nowhere EP Megamix (YSI)

Lost Valentinos – Miles From Nowhere EP Megamix (zShare)


Lost Valentinos – Nightmoves (Comets Vitalo remix)
Lost Valentinos – CCTV (Bang Gang vs Van She Tech remix)
Lost Valentinos – Kafka! (Bag Raiders What Y’All Kno ‘Bout Seven remix)
Lost Valentinos – Nightmoves (Knife Machine remix)