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Get yer Malmö VIP on

Sep 18 2007

Party time in Malmö! And Malmö being the place where we live, this is a good thing for anyone in our area. If you don’t you’ll have to scroll past this post.

Freakz (check their MySpace for more cool stuff) are having a festival over the weekend, and the guys from Vice Magazine and Grolsch Block Party have set up a nice little VIP-thing on Friday between 22-23. We’ll be supplying the music and Grolsch the beer. Best of both worlds.

After that you can listen to Tommie Sunshine and SkatebÃ¥rd over at Inkonst. You know it’s going to be good.

If you want to grab a free ticket, get over to either Bagdad Livs (corner of Ängelholmsg/Kristianstadsg) or Tjallamalla (Davidshallsg 15) straight away! There’s a few hundred all in all so be quick.

See you there!