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Mixin’ It Up: Krames & Bird Peterson

Sep 21 2007


Krames & Bird Peterson are back! These two fine gentlemen have both been featured on Discobelle before and with this banging new mix they’re truly setting the bar for mixes to come. Bump this and you’re all set for the weekend. This is also the precursor to the Fangs and Feathers EP coming this fall! Now, we’ll let them present the mix:



Tittsworth – 911 (Bird Peterson Remix)

This track is a hot new jam by Mr. Tittsworth, and he was kind enough to let me have a stab at remixing it. And I did.

Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty (Bird Peterson Remix)

Without a doubt, the best song by my man Mos. I wanted to remix it, but I didnt want to tread on this gold, so I tried taking it in a completely different direction. Towards the end of production, I realized I needed to bring back the sample since that is mainly what people identify in this song. You can snag this song as one of the B sides with the Wutang remix on my new LP on NASTYMIX this fall!

Cupid – Cupid Shuffle (Bird Peterson Remix)

I made this track about 20 minutes after I heard the original play on the radio. Then DSJ informed me that my remix song got bootlegged on the Ear To The Streets vinyl series. I was so happy to hear it, though, because someone once told me thats how you know you’ve officially made it.

Plump DJs – The Rub Off

The Plump DJs are fucking wonderful, and this track has such a great bassline. I think it might be one of the better basslines to come out of dance music.

Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (Bird Pete Remix)

This one dropped on SES Vol. One. This has always been my favorite hip hop song ever, and I was fortunate enough to grab one of the first pressings of the original. Agian, I didnt want to tread on the original so I took this in an electro direction. The bassline is a backwards version of the bass from the song “Glory Be” off my album Hot Noise.

Fatboy Slim – Acid 8000 (Bird’s Extendo Edit 8000)

This song is just so damn good. It has one of the best hooks ever, plus it drops really well. I extended the build up so it would last longer, thus making the kids dance harder.

Justice – Stress

Easily my favorite track from the album. D.A.N.C.E. is obviously the single from the album, but this one creates this incredible mood that I havent heard on the dancefloor in a long time.

Biggie – Everday Struggle (Bird Peterson Remix)

I took this one in the same direction as the Mos Def and Kurtis remixes. Again, the beat was just too damn good to give this the traditional remix, so I had to flip it. This is also available as a Bside on Nastymix 001 this fall!

Bonecrusher – Never Scared (Krazy Fiesta Remix)

This is an absurdly good remix by a very great team that has suffered a terrible, terrible tragedy (RIP Jesper, we miss you!), but is still moving to change the world with some very fantastic remixes.

Deejay Punk Roc – My Beatbox

I just love this guy so much. I wish he had more records. Like 300 more. And I also wished he lived next door. And everyday when I came out to get the paper, he would go, “Hey Bird! I was cooking up some hot jams and thought you would like them!” And I would go, “Sure, buddy! Let me just throw on some rope chains, and I’ll be over in a minute!”


Krames In The Building – Krames

Since we did a constant mix, I flipped up the end of Bird’s track into an intro track. Lots of cats do vocal drops in their intro’s so I wanted to do something to stand out when my section starts. I like the energy of the high pitch voice and the hype in the background. It creates the tone for the rest of the mixtape. Kinda of a mock Fatman Scoop, since I was gonna use his voice in the next track anyway, figured eh, why not.

Make Noise! – Krames

I made this track with some Fatman Scoop addlibs kind of as a joke while I was takin a smoke break from the “Tricks” remix maybe a month or so ago. Scoop’s voice is so hype. The track is really underproduced and is just about introducing a sound to the club. The stuff he says is off the wall sometimes. The content of this track is all about gettin yours, so, the next track made sense with it.

Fuck You Pay Me (Purple Crush & Scottie B) – Krames

This is a remix I did for Purple Crush when we were in LA. We were hanging out drinking Steaz, some organic energy drink that we were all about, and they mentioned they had “Pay Me” coming out in like 2 days. I did a “Shopping on the Dancefloor” remix for them that was well liked, so the “Pay Me” joint was like, boom, done. So I made this to give out and promo the track they did with Scottie B.

Niggaz Fightin – Scottie B

Since Scottie B did the original “Pay Me” track I was like, lemme put this banger from Scottie B next. His tracks are always dope, and I respect the dude as a producer/dj and tastemaker.

Get Up Yo! – Krames

Come on get up everybody. Thats a dope hook to be putting out there. This is a recent track I made to put out in my next release. I like the synth pattern I did for this track a bunch. Its feel good and current at the same time. The “Yo!” is coming from an Eve vocal sample I took from an acapella. “Yo’s” and “What’s” always pull the hype factor up in a club track.

Tricks (La Vida Locash feat. Rosanna) – Krames

This is a remix that I was asked to do for La Vida Locash’s Kocky release. They’re from Sweden. The original track is hella “pop” oriented so I went for a club feel for the remix. I was stoked to work with them and do this track for their release. Rosanna kills it on the vocals, she has a great voice, especially for a club track like this one. Mad girls tell me the hook gets stuck in their head too, so thats a plus.

Bass on the Bottom (remix instrumental) – Mr. Hahn & Troublemaker

I think this remix they did for Lady Tigra is dope. I like the track a bunch and was feeling the instrumental. I like how it starts half time so it goes into “Tricks” really well because “Tricks” also goes down to a half time beat throughout the track. The breakdown after the intro of the beat works perfect for the transition into the next track too.

Players Choose You – Krames

This original track is so boot knockin, I mean, like late night on the come up. I love the UGK & Outkast jam too. People front cause Project Pat used this beat a few years ago, but that’s whatever. This joint is dope. The club version goes hella well cause like people know the track, and sometimes they don’t know the original, so hittin em’ with that midway through kinda sets this track apart from a lot of other club tracks people like to do with “current” hits or whatever. You know, like I never heard a “Stay Fly” remix that used any of the verses from Willie Hutch’s original “Tell Me Why Our Love Has Turned So Cold.” I’m just sayin’.

Work This Pussy – Krames

Work This Pussy, I mean, nuff said. This is a classic club verse, my version is basically keeping it current. I used some vocal clips from “Drop It LIke It’s Hot” which can be a dated track but I was like, whatever, it’s a relevant statement when workin some pussy. Its a dirty track I guess, but lots of club tracks are. The horns are from “Put Your Leg Up,” an old baltimore club track that was also remixed by Diamond K. It’s been around for a hell of a long time and came from the go go band Pure Elegance’s “One Leg Up.” They just ended up doin a chant with the hook. I like how the flipped horns sound on this one midway through the track.

Boyz (M.I.A.) – Hatchmatik

This track from Hatch is dope. He’s from Montreal and rocks with A-Rock doing Peer Pressure parties. His claps are bangin and the horns from “Work This Pussy” fall good over the first part of the track. I was stoked to get this one from him. I don’t know if it hit the blogs or not. I’m hoping not so I can keep playing it for a while. Hatch always comin through with some dope remixes, edits, whatever you wanna call them.

Calbria (Horn Solo) – Enur & Natasja

These horns are off the chain. I got a re-edit from Hoff with an extended intro and I’ve been playing the full track in a lot of my sets. It goes well into really any other track with horns. Horn House or something like that, haha, I don’t know. But people are into this track none the less.

Southside Supastar – Krames & Bobby LaBeat

Me and Bobby LaBeat decided to go see The Shop Boyz perform “Party Like a Rock Star” at the club in Richmond and this girl Ruin opened up for them. She killed it and did this song “Southside Supastar” and the crowd went bananas. The joint was a hit, I was hearing it on the radio when they would play local joints at night. Me and Bobby started doing the remix with just the hook on the intro but then got the full acapella from her and put the verses in. It’s coming out on a release from Small Town DJ’s so look for that.

Explicit Dirty Lyrics – Krames

Just-Ice is the jam. He made a lot of tight tracks. I always thought it would be tight to do something w/ the intro for “Original Ganster of Hip Hop.” This track is also gonna be on my next release. I’m into the hype factor created by the “explicit dirty lyrics.” It’s one of those club tracks that’s kind of funny as well you know. I kept a verse in there but its not in the mixtape version. I’m into the funk style club shit so using some of those elements like the hand drums and air horns was dope too.

What! More Time – Krames

People really get into this track. There has been a kind of Daft Punk frenzy lately with their recent tour, Kanye’s “Stronger” release, and not to jump on the bandwagon, but I wanted to do something with Daft Punk as well. Most of the remixes coming out have been really electro style or of the “Stronger” joint. I wanted to do something that would get some play for a while. Like “Touch It” came out and that song got mad remixes but now no one really plays it anymore, so, nuff said.

Stop Messin Around with Me! – Krames

Obviously this joint is like a funk club remix of Darude’s “Sandstorm,” but i feel it stands out because of the funk elements that it brings to the table. I needed something to close the mixtape with and “What! More Time” is kinda like, well you gotta play something “one more time” so to speak, so what’s hyper than that. The infamous “Sandstorm.” I chopped it up to fit a club beat and edited the Crookers “Para De Gracinha” (which means stop messin around with me) acapella by MC Leka for the track. I”m pretty stoked about how the track is introduced into the mix and how it carries out the theme for the end.

Download: Fangs & Feathers Discobelle Mix, September 2007 (Megaupload)