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Today is a glitchy day

Sep 23 2007


Our canadian friend Ghislain Poirier sent us this mix. “Here’s an awesome electro/hip-hop mix that my drummer Christian aka Crispian did — yeah, he’s a DJ too — with his partner RamDac and cuts provided by DJ Mana.”

Its perfect for an melancolic sunday at home.


1. Ghislain Poirier – Don’t Smile, It’s Post-Modern (Chocolate Industries)
2. Crunch – Crunkyfunk (Lusine Mix)
w/ New Flesh – Arcade Terra (acapella) (Big Dada)
3. Chris de Luca & Peabird – Sooperglitcher (feat. Beans) (Studio K7)
4. Amon Tobin – Verbal (Boom Bip remix) (Ninja Tune)
5. Gorillaz – Film Music (Mode remix) (EMI)
6. Mr. Oizo – Monophonic Shit (F-Communications)
7. Deceptikon – Sometimes You Hear It Coming (Merck)
8. Cabbage Boy – Mod You (Ntone)
9. Plaid – Headspin (Warp)
10. Chris de Luca & Peabird – I Gonna Give It To You (Studio K7)
11. Gescom – Keynell I (Skam)
w/ Dabrye – Game Over (feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat–acappella) (Ghostly)
12. Modeselektor – The Death Melody (Bpitch Control)
w/ Kool Keith – Make Up Your Mind (Funky Ass Records)
13. Push Button Objects – Non Existant (Gescom mix) (Chocolate Industries)
14. Kettel – Centercourt (Planet Mu)
15. Pest – Heard Yer Bird Moved In (Ninja Tune)
16. Boards of Canada – Nlogax (Skam)
17. Dabrye – Prospects (Eastern Developments)
w/ Nas – Blaze a 50 (acappella) (Columbia)
18. Prefuse 73 – Busy Signal (Warp)
19. Ammon Contact – Segal (eastern Developments)
20. Kettel – I Live You (Djak Up Bitch)


Mister Crispian, RamDac and DJ Mana – Glitchy & Scratchy mix (zShare)