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Guerrilha Club mix

Sep 29 2007

Some of our friends (among others Moulinex, Zntn and Xinobi who have all been featured on Discobelle in the past) down in Portugal came together and did a mix to support the burgeoning electro/dance scene down there. They’re called Guerrilha Club and consists of a loose collective of dj’s, producers, vj’s etc. Here’s the banging mix:

Guerrilha Club mix, September 2007 (zShare)


1-robalo – sand whispers
2-trashformer – bad bad bad
3-photonz – minervois
4-magau – festa na casa da àrvore
5-zntn – sexy zombie
6-interrupto – apollo 70
7-andré conde – disco boy
8-moulinex – SALT
9-super1980 – riot
10-xinobi – gunpowder of love
11-andré conde – unnamed
12-photonz – electric wonder girl
13-super1980 – birth
14-moulinex – down and out