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Mixin’ It Up: Stevie Tech Nicks

Oct 5 2007

Friday again, we’re off to Stockholm to play this party but here’s your fix…

Stevie Tech Nicks aka Maxim Lindqvist have been cranking out discoish remixes of among others The Tough Alliance, B-more remixes of Ace Of Base and a few others but now he brings us his addition to the Mixin’ It Up series. Listen up and enjoy:

“This is my second mix for Discobelle; the first one they threw away in one of those “We’ve got mail” postings. Since then I’ve become a superstar, and now I get my very own post, by far the greatest in bloghouse history. Kudos to me.
However, I won’t go on about my mix. Suffice to say it’s brilliant. I needn’t torture you with a playlist. Do I ever hate those;

Some Guy – Some Baltimore Club song

This is a straight up banger, and a perfect song to kick of the mix with: the bassline is thumping and blablablabla

Some Other Guy – Some Remix by Justice

I love Justice, and this is by far the best remix of this song. I am an asshole.

If you hear a song in the mix that you like, then ask and I will tell you what it is, simple as that.

So instead of wasting your time with the above mentioned, or some stuff about me, I thought I’d give you some advice.

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Which translates into: don’t judge a woman’s body by how she looks dressed. I’m telling you, it’s a classic mistake: she might look fine in tight jeans and with a flattering bra and a cute top, but it’s all a mirage. Women are (pretty) smart and spend their time between periods thinking about what clothes might best disguise their flaws. However, once they’re down to their bras and panties, they can’t hide from reality anymore: that ass – once vacuum packed into a nice pair of Miss Sixty jeans – will now show its true, fat colours; the belly will no longer have a distractingly slutty top to hide under, but will protrude in all its chocolate-ridden porkiness. You get the picture. So my advise is this: before you fall in love with a girl, make sure you see her in a bikini first.

2. Don’t become paraplegic. It might seem like fun to roll around in a wheelchair all the live long day long, without a worry in the world, but beware! Your arms will tire and you will need a penile prosthetic to have sex. If you’re a guy: if you’re a girl, not much will change. So be cool, stay in school and don’t be paraplegic… ool?

3. Read at least one book by Jacqueline Susann, and may that book be “The Love Machine”. She is one of the most underrated and misunderstood writers of the 20th century, and “The Love Machine” is a masterpiece not at all unlike, say, “East of Eden”. And yes, I mean you, Mr I Like Rub’n’Tug mixes And I Should Really Widen My Horizons And Stop Abusing The Term Balearic.”

Download: Stevie Tech Nicks – Andiamo Alla Bella Disco Mix #2 (zShare)