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Mixin It Up: Eli Escobar

Oct 19 2007


We’ve been digging all the stuff that Eli Escobar has dropped these last months, from the funky remixes of Chromeo etc. to the more club-banging remixes such as his M.I.A remix. He has impeccable taste and superb mixing/producing skills so we were of course thrilled when we asked him to do a Mixin It Up for us and he agreed. Now here is his mix for your enjoyment:

“Native New Yorker Eli Escobar has been a NYC nightlife fixture for nearly a decade, spinning everywhere from the legendary Stretch and Bobbito show on WKCR to velvet-roped havens like Bungalow 8. Eli has specialized in eclectic sets and has thrown genres like House, Disco, New Wave, Rap and Rock around effortlessly, years before it became thenorm. He’s also produced dozens of records for and with the likes of M.I.A., PASE ROCK, CHROMEO and DIPLO. Most recently Eli has created a name for himself crafting uptempo remixes and edits for clubs and deejays worldwide. Download Eli’s rarities at OUTSIDEBROADCAST.


1) Romanthony – Bring U Up / Still Going – Still Going Theme

Romanthony rules. I put some snippets of his 1995 song “Bring U Up” over my current anthem “Still Going Theme.” DFA is putting out some great records right now.

2) Vincent Floyd – I’m So Deep

This is some classic acid house from 1989.

3) Pase Rock – So Fucking Disco (alternate mix)

Everyone loves the cowbell in this song so I figured I’d do a mix without it just to see if the song still works. I guess you can decide for yourself. Then I throw Pase’s acapella over…

4) Snuten featuring Fox and Wolf – Wold and Free (Todd Terje Night Version)

Seriously do I have to explain why this song is amazing?

5) Ame – Rej

So from what I understand this song was huge in Europe last year but I feel like besides the deep house scene it didn’t really make a dent in America. It is impossibly good… the kind of song you’d sell your soul to be able to make.

6) LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix)

I was talking with my man Lloyd today about how ridiculously good James Murphy is… it almost makes you mad. Dickhead. Seriously though whenever something new or exciting is happening in music I think it’s always pretty easy to pick out who’s leading the pack.

7) DJ T – Jam Pot / Keyshia Cole – Let It Go

I’m sure a lot of people won’t be into this but I will admit I am a Keyshia Cole fanatic. Man I would love to hear her record some house music but I guess this is as close as we’ll get for now. I put her over DJ T’s “Jam Pot” that came out earlier this year.

8) Lime – Angel Eyes (Eli Edit)

Just a simple edit I made here cause this original has some crazy corny parts.

9) M.I.A. – Bamboo (Eli remix)

I don’t know if this is ever going to come out but here’s a taste. This is actually the second half of the remix… it starts off as a somewhat standard hard electro mix but then turns into more of a acid-house dubby sorta thing. I have to admit I kinda jacked the synth line from Yazoo’s “Don’t Go” for this. Don’t tell Vince Clark.

10) Kudu – Finish What We Started (XXXChange and Devlin remix)

I have not stopped rocking this song since I got it from Pase a while back. Alex always keeps things soulful.

11) Booka Shade – Mandarine Girl / Black Mamba – Vicious

Vicious is a old Larry Levan mixed club song and since that era of music along with 80’s rap is my main influence I always gotta throw something along those lines in. Parts of this acapella were used for Biggie’s song “Friend Of Mine.”

12) Eli Escobar – Synthology

I made this song for a Turntable Lab compilation that should be coming out soon. It’s just me playing around with some synths.

Download: Eli Escobar Mix for Discobelle, Oct 2007 (zShare)

BONUS TRACK: Holy shit, Eli just mailed us with a banging remix. This is an official remix of that Britney Spears track “Gimme More” featuring the amazing Amanda Blank.

Britney Spears – Gimme More (Eli/Grayson remix ft. Amanda Blank, final version) (YSI)

Britney Spears – Gimme More (Eli/Grayson remix ft. Amanda Blank, final version) (zShare)