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Mixin’ It Up: Dave Nada

Nov 9 2007

This week’s Mixin’ It Up comes from DJ Dave Nada. Let’s get to it:

“Big up from the DC/Baltimore area! I’m DJ Dave Nada aka Orlando. I’ve been in the DJ game for about 6 years now and recently jumped into production. I just dropped my debut “Kick Out The Jams” club EP on T&A Records and look foward to putting out more tracks in the near future.

I grew up a vinyl dj, spinnning hip-hop, baltimore club, house and funk. This mix is a pretty good representation of where I’m at right now musically. i’m more excited about music now than I’ve ever been. I’m diggin hard into the new rave/electro sound, classic house, baltimore club, hip-hop, and juke. Basically rowdy ass party music. It’s how I roll! Let’s get it in shall we? ….

1. A Church, A DJ, & A Sampler – “Everlasting Life”

I always thought this would be some ill shit to open up with…be i a set, a mix, a monday, etc. Respect to Victor Simonelli!

2. Dave Nada – “Spell On You”

A track featured on my debut EP. I did this show at the Kennedy Center in DC for my friend Kyra, who’s a choreographer, last month. I did a 5 minute routine and opened up with this joint. I put it on blast with crazy delay effect and old people’s minds were blown. Peep it here.

3. DJ Technics – “Let’s Go!”

The baltimore club godfather at his best. Token “let’s get this shit started” joint. Let’s go!!!

4. Petra & Co. – “Just Let It Go”

This song is so goddamn classic. I blended this with the Jokers remix to give it a new kind of energy. Also sounds like Rye Rye on some hip-house shit. Mad swagger.

5. Blaqstarr ft Rye Rye – “Shake It To The Ground (Jokers Of The Scene remix)”

I had sex to this song on the beach this past summer. This joint was definitely doin it real big (zing!) on the car stereo. It was fucking awesome. I mentioned it to Linus (DJ Booth of Jokers) and he was bummed because I beat him to it. Jokers are so official right now.

6. Dave Nada – “I LIke Culo”

DJ Ayres asked me to revisit this joint for an upcoming T&A release. It was probably my first attempt at a blend ever. Anyhow, I resurrected it and flipped it on some bmore club/reggaeton tip to give it more of a latin “Orlando” flavor. This flows nicely from the “Shake it to the ground” snare fills part.

7. Top Billin – “In The Ass”

Another Chedda banger! This track is bananas. And if you can’t dance to this joint in the club because it’s about wanting to fuck people in the ass, then you’re soft. I’ve never wanted to fuck someone in the ass so much on the dancefloor when I first heard this in the club!

8. Double 99 ft Top Cat – “R.I.P. Groove”

Man this shit is like 10 years old and cats throw down to this today like it’s the latest bloggins. 10 years ago I was probably stage diving at a hardcore show and totally missing out on this track. Lucky for me this shit is back (i.e. garage like synths featured in the previous “In The Ass” song).

9. Blaqstarr – “My Smacked Bitch”

FUCK. Blaqstarr dropped this joint at Taxlo Halloween in Baltimore and I thought the earth was gonna open up. Scary and appropriate. He flips Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” and makes it all Blaqstarr. Dude is runnin this shit. As you can tell by now, this is the “dark” portion of this mix.

10. Kenny Dope – “Frenzy”

K Dope’s flip of George Krantz “Trommeltanz (Din Da Da).” This is one of my favorite tracks that I barely ever get to play out. Shit is probably way too “tribal” for heads, but fuck all of that. Hearing this and “My Smacked Bitch” back to back sounds evil as fuck.

11. Smalltown DJs – “Party Like A Punk”

I know what you’re thinking, “fuck, enough with the party like a rockstar shit” but fall back because this is gonna be a classic club banger. Smalltown dudes beef up Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” with a baltimore breakbeat and sync the hook up with the electro metal riff part. Once the hook comes in, it’s game over.

12. DJ Kahled ft. Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil
Wayne, Fat Joe, Birdman, Rick Ross- “I’m So Hood Remix”

Biggest rap tune right now. Why? Because it’s so hood and so damn hard. Sick track that makes people wanna fight in the club. I had to rock doubles on this one too. This remix is epic and the first time I heard it on the radio, the DJ
played it like 4 times in a row all the way through. i didn’t mind.

13. Dave Nada – “Cream Dat”

Yup. Here it is. Another “Crank Dat” (re)mix. It’s not going away people, sorry! I’ve seen this one work across the board though. Such a crowd pleaser, from hood dive bars to baller night clubs.

15. DJ Tameil & Tim Dolla – “Peanut Butter”

Jersey’s finest right here! Tameil and tim Dolla are both ridiculous club producers and great peoples. Every time I run into both of these cats I feel like I have to buy them the bar. If you seen either of them, get these fools bent. This Peanut Butter track is real sexy and addictive. I could easily listen to the “bang bang choo choo train” hook forever and never get tired of it. Technics did one using the same hook and it’s just as crazy.

16. Romanthony – “House of Track”

I mixed this joint with “Peanut Butter” because i felt that it gave both tracks a whole new energy. My man crush on Romanothy continues.

17. Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart – “We Are Prostitues (Crookers Remix)”

Again, I had to keep the blends going with “Peanut Butter” on this one. They just go together so well. So bouncy!

18. M.I.A.- “20 Dolla”

I’ve always wanted to hear this in the club even though it’s hardly danceable. I’m sure there’s a dance remix for it, but I haven’t heard one. This one feels good over the Crookers remix. I was high as shit when I first heard this and I kept rewinding the “HUHHH!!!!” part.

19. Aquasky – “Have A Good Time (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal)”

This joint is a dope mix of electro, bass, and house. i wanted to keep the electro rhythm going. Always down for some Sinden/Cristal action.Another sex banger too! Puttin my girl on blast…sawrrrry.

20. Tampa Tony – “Cant Juke Without Me” (Tactic Re-edit)”

There’s never enough swaaaaaaggggerrrrr. Especially on this joint. Tampa Tony gets his intimate club on. Let’s keep it movin’ y’all.

21. Harry Hotter – “Hotter Fuk”

Harry Hotter from DC killed it on this remix. I’ve been fiending a Hot Fuk remix for a minute too. The “hhhootttt!!” part reminds me of Griff and Booman’s “ahhhh pick em up pick em up!”

22. Modjo – “Lady” (Mano remix)

Who can resist this classic cheese jam? Mano gives it the club treatment it deserves and executes it nicely!

23. Gucci Mane – “Freaky Girl”

Another big tune! This brings out the stripper in every girl I swear to god. I wanted to freak this over “Lady” (seemed appropriate) and use it as a transition to get juked out.

24. A Bab Bay – “Get Down 07”

So addictive. My mind gets blown with images of “freaky girls” “getting down” do this. One of my favorite juke jams right now.

25. Kanye West – “Flashing Lights (Benzi/Rashad Remix)

This song is beautiful. No other way to describe it really. Benzi/Rashad kill it on this remix too. I felt like this was a classy way to exit the stage.

Thanks Discobelle and thanks everyone! Holler at your motherfucking dude!

Download: Dave Nada – Discobelle mix, November 2007 (zShare)