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Mixin’ It Up: Drop The Lime

Nov 16 2007


This week we present a Mixin’ It Up from one of the true masters of bass. Drop The Lime (AKA Curses! or Luca Venezia) from NYC’s Trouble & Bass crew and french label Institubes has been zigzagging across the world this past year leaving behind mayhem on every dancefloor. This mix is a monster, you’ll need to grab this and glowstick your way into the night.

“Ayo Discobelle raising hell! When i first started DJ’ing it was only Jungle & Drum & Bass..Then eventually I got into freestyle and booty bass because the records were all 99 cents and always in the bargain bins @ Tower Records and HMV. Even though I dj’d only that, i’d always been into all club music.. techno, hardcore, garage.. I think growing up with all those different styles got me producing different types of dance music at an early age. Around 10 years later now, im starting to hear a similar energy in dance music – as i did when I first started spinning and listening to it in 1995… people in the Dubsided camp, Institubes camp, Mad Decent camp… are all pushing a strong attitude in their basslines and drums… and that is what got me interested in the whole electronic thing in the first place. underground dance music today reminds me of punk and rockabilly.. in the way that it’s gritty and rowdier pop music.

I’m a fan again of old doowop, Motown, rockabilly.. stuff I was listening to when I was 7 years old.. At my party that i do with Mathhead, The Captain, Star Eyes & Zak Shadetek, Trouble & Bass, you’ll catch us dropping some of that stuff @ the end of the night, which can oddly enough get people going nuts and bouncing off the walls. People should start sampling the rockabilly stuff more, the way b-more used to sample the hell out of motown and doowop.

I just moved into a new apartment in Bushwick, and we have dominatrix living upstairs who are constantly whipping and whining..
I made this mix with my subwoofer on to muffle their 60 year old clientelle. My name is Luca aka Drop The Lime, and here is a dj mix of some of the hotness i’ll be dropping in sweaty club nights…

Kardinal Offishall – Graveyard Shift (Feat. Akon)

Me and Orgasmic and Para One were crazy over this one during our Institubes N. America tour in Sep. but we couldnt figure out who it was… Finally Orgasmic got it and sent me it. This tune is a stripped down spook hit.. listen to those sirens. .. so spooky

DJ Garda – Can’t You See

Grabbed this one in London @ Uptown few months back. The b-side samples Annie Lennox..Dude is doing some good classic riddims and the melody matches my “Hear me” remix perfectly.

Drop The Lime – Hear Me (DTL Monster Mosh Dub)

We put this out on Trouble & Bass earlier this year as a maxi-single. People are still hyping on this one in the clubs, so I wanted to put it on… I wanted to make a tune that travelled from dubstep to 4×4 to wonky like breaks..

Fagget Fairies – Uzela (Drop The Lime remix)

Palms Out Sounds are releasing this bad ass Copenhagen duo of dynamite… They hit me up for a remix and the match was snap boom bap… Love what theyre doing, and when they came and played New York they smashed the club. 12″ drops soon but you can pre-order it here: http://palmsout.com/ff/

DJ Blaqstarr -Shake It To The Ground (Drop The Lime remix)

Been a fan of Blaqstarr’s DJ sets with his vocals and cuts on the decks for a bit now, so i was siked when i got asked to do a remix. Rye Rye on vocals is also amazing live…12″ is out now on Mad Decent with Switch and Claude Von Stroke remixes

50 Cent – Ayo Technology (Dexplicit Remix)

Dexplicit has basically been the godfather of bassline 4×4 shit… back when I was really pushing grime in NY, I’d be rinsing this sound now it seems people are finally starting to open up to it.. the whole niche thing is blowing up… Dexplicit does a sick twist with 50 Cents (only) new banger, melodic basslines chuggin through.

Pomomofo – Back At The Club (Boy 8 Bit Emotional Hardcore Remix)

I love the melodies and edits on this remix.. Boy 8 Bit has been killing it for some time now…seems like he’s got a new remix every
week.. Dude is going to be big in the new year.


This is a secret alter ego from the Institubes camp.. ill keep it hush.. i love how its got this oldschool “bass” sample over Chicago
style drums and then a D&B style bassline… Big tune on the dancefloors.

DJ Q – Dirty

DJ Q has been doing some of my favorite bassline tunes. His EP on more 2 Da Floor is massive. with chopped up R&B vocals and wobbly basslines… Dirty gets all the girls shaking their hips

Mr. Virgo – Down 4 You (refix)

Picked this promo up @ Uptown in London as well.. big tune with sub bubblin madness.. Virgo does some ill grimy rap production that’s sick and id been following for a while.. only recently did I hear his 4×4 bassline style stuff

Brett Maverick – Cut Off

Another big one i picked up on promo in London…This tune takes me back to my jungle roots.. some dark congo natty refix or early suburban base string tune..

Bart B More – So It Goes

The bassline in this tune is dangerous.. and i love how Mr. B More drops in the rave stabs.. little nod in my book to old 2 bad mice so it blends well with the pianos stabs on the next one

Curses! – This Is The Way (Drop The Lime remix)

This tune is the B side off my Institubes EP under the alias Curses!… It’s an old sample from Regina Belle, which was also
sampled by Tactic in the 90’s for a jungle classic – so when I sample it im giving respect to both inspirations.

Drums Of Death – Breathe (Curses! Remix)

Big sucker for the piano stabs.. so remixing this was ridiculous fun in the studio… i used something called a subharmonic synthesizer.. so on a big system like Fabric’s the walls rattle and paint chips.

Blackfinger – 3:30

I like the breakdown in this where it switches up into a swinged out beat then back into 4/4.. blackfinger is another dope bassline niche dude i’ve been dropping in sets… This whole EP is heavy.

ANS – New Worlds

Didn’t know much about this artist until I was sent the promo and it blew me away. The use of this sample is gigantic… great tune to switch up the pace in a set from 130 style house shit into weighty dubstep.

Matty G – West Coast Rocks (Caspa Remix)

I’d been following Caspa since his Quiet Storm days and his Storming Productions record label.. really nasty breakstep style shit and even some 4/4 style tunes…this dubstep remix is gigantic.. the way he tweaks the bassline in double time is nasty.

Fugees – Ready Or Not (DTL Party Crashers Unite Refix)

While on tour, i woke up one day with Hype’s remix of ready or not in my head.. within a couple hours on the Eurostar, this came out. I did a quick mixdown in the club and dropped it that night in Bristol. People went bananas, so when I got home i flushed it out and made it a real bootleg.

Fugees – Ready Or Not (DJ Hype Remix)

So.. as a nod to Hype, and to Fugees of course, I had to take the mix there. into my roots of jungle
I used to drop this so much when it came out on whitelabel.. you can here its pretty scratched up and worn out.

Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows

This tune may quite possible be my favorite jungle tune ever. It was the first jungle record that I owned, and my friend had given it to me for my 15th birthday.. it captures the feeling of so many rave parties i had gone to as a teenager…. light @ the end of some long dark tunnels.. ah, yes.. the rave days…

Download: Drop The Lime Mix for Discobelle, nov 2007 (zShare)

UK heads, check him out here:

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Drop the Lime, Star Eyes, Mathhead

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November 23 Fabric:London, ROOM THREE: COOL & DEADLY vs TROUBLE & BASS… Tayo, Freq Nasty, Drop The Lime, Math Head, Star Eyes

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