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Harrison Schaaf

Nov 20 2007

We got this 30 min mix from Harrison Schaaf. You get enough of me writing stuff so I hand that over to him:

“The approach for this mix was mainly to take a body of original tracks that were intended to stand alone and find ways to put acapellas over them and have the song forms of both works complement eachother. The result is a bunch of tracks that one could certainly call remixes, or an original songs, depending on where you draw the boundary between the two. Trying to find that boundary very well may be the ultimate artistic goal in this case. In retrospect I see that an attempt was made to have some reoccurring themes, or simply ideas that are repeated, play a significant role. Or maybe T.I.’s voice just works really well for this sort of thing. An exception to all of this is the Rick James/Eric Prydz mashup that was made just for the mix.”

1. The Bump Remix – Harrison Schaaf vs. Aphletik
2. Badd Remix – Harrison Schaaf vs. Yin Yang Twins
3. NYC Beat Remix/Twoface – Harrison Schaaf
4. What You Know Remix/Could Be Bad – Harrison Schaaf vs. T.I.
5. This Is Metal Part I – Harrison Schaaf
6. A Proper Education (Give It To Me) – Eric Prydz vs. Rick James
7. This Is Metal Part II – Harrison Schaaf
8. Chrome Punch – Harrison Schaaf Featuring Ian J
9. What You Know Remix/V.S.O.P. – Harrison Schaaf vs. T.I.

Download Gigantic Mix by Harrison Schaaf (zShare)

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