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Nov 27 2007


Tetine, the sassy duo from Sao Paulo are getting ready to drop a new CD (their 9th!) entitled “Let The X’s Be Y’s” in the beginning of 2008. Their previous effort “L.I.C.K My Favela” was filled to the brink with sweaty party jams. They gave us an exclusive track for your pleasure, “Melo Do Geme Geme” gives us a taste of the world of Tetine where funk carioca with it’s sample heavy base meets the duos wayward punk meets funk attitude or as they put it: “we’re here for Tropical Punk, Miami Bass, experimental radio, punk funk, hysterical vocals, freestyle, feedback, filmmaking, performance, love songs, funk carioca, cheap tunes and noise”.

Tetine – Melo Do Geme Geme (YSI)

Tetine – Melo Do Geme Geme (zShare)