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Mixin’ It Up: Matt ROAN

Nov 30 2007

When we asked about who you guys wanted to see doing a Mixin it up, Matt ROAN was one of the names that came up. We agreed and here he is. Take it away Matt!

“Yo YO Discobelle. Here is the mix. Fully LIVE from my living room in Chicago. It’s imperfections are what make it endearing. Ableton and I don’t get along very well… Hope you enjoy.

1. My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
I thought the intro for this jam made it a perfect song to start a set… that and its a classic italo dance jam.

2. Ghostland Observatory – Sad Sad City
I had the pleasure of playing with these dudes over the summer and was blown away at the showman ship of front man Aaron Behrens. He dances better than almost any girl I’ve ever met. Amazing.

3. Hail Social – Cherry Cola Funk (Sta Remix)
I love this track. The vocal chops and big build-ups and breakdowns make it super fun to mix. An excellent track made better by remix… doesn’t happen every day.

4. Sissor Sister – Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (Linus Loves Remix)
I see this as a call out to those on the floor being babies and not getting down. If you didn’t come to party then you can go home.

5. Primal Scream – Some Velvet Morning
I love the synth bass line in this song paired with Kate Moss’ whispery vocals… it bangs and is pretty at the same time. Duh, its Kate Moss.

6. Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal – Everybody Rocking (Bald Eagle Edit)
Is everybody rocking yet? Great jam. Great sample. Sinden is dope.

7. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Crookers Remix)
All of Crookers remixes sound the same to me… AWESOME. I was debating between the original and the remix and Crookers won. I love the slide between in their bass lines. Fresh.

8. Griff & Booman – Pick ‘Em Up
I forget which DJ was hating on the “Mixin’ it Up” track selections and wording but these next two are for him! Hahaha. Classic B-More jam. Makes me want to jump up and down.

9. Cousin Cole – Hip’s Don’t Lie Remix
Cuz Cole is the dude and this is one of my fave tracks from him. Every time I play this whether is at a indie dance party or in some super club spot… girls go CRAZY when they hear those horns. Its excellent.

10. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
Maybe the best dance song of all time? Its the jam.

11. Herve – Dibby DJ
Paul Devro put me up on this jam and I’ve played it pretty much every night since early Oct. I guess the vocal is from some dance hall jam or something. All i know is that this is my new favorite song. Rapping to the tune of frere au jacque is brilliant.

12. Samim – Heater (Vandalism Re-Rub)
I like the south of the border continuity in these last few tracks… Who knew the accordion could sound so good in the club?

13. Thunderheist – Suenos Dulces
I really dig Thunderheist and I’m hoping they can come play Dance Party Magic with us in January. This is an open invitation to Thunderheist. Come party with us.

14. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Had to mix the original in to set up one of my favorite blends of all time…

15. Edwin Collins – Never Met a Girl Like You
It’s as if Edwin had Sweet Dreams in mind when he wrote this jam. The Eurythmics synth pairs up so perfectly with this track. Dig it. PLUS this brings me back to Jr. High and Empire Records… one of my all time childhood faves.

16. The Clash – Rock the Casbah (Razormaid Mix)
This is another set up track… I think the mix gets a little rough here. Its kinda worth it though. The Clash are the only band that matters right?

17. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (a cappella)
I did this blend live in San Francisco and everybody went wild. Everybody but one black woman who stood right in front of me and shamed me for playing Soulja Boy and double shamed me for playing it over some “white boy shit.”

— Back to The Clash —

18. Kylie – Can’t Get You Outta My Head.
I love Kylie. She keeps making great records, survived breast cancer, still looks like a million dollars. God bless her.

19. Green Velvet – Shake and Pop
Chicago’s very own house music master, Curtis Jones aka Cajmere aka Green Velvet. Like “The Perculator” before it, this is a true Chicago classic.

20. Riot In Belgium – La musique (Sinden Remix)
I love how HYPE this song is. Period.

21. He Say, She Say – Crash Dummie
Million $$$ Mano has been super busy this year and he’s one of the reasons Chicago is so dope right now. He and our home girl Drea have been busy in the studio recording new tracks as He Say, She Say and they are going to be big.
Who? MANO! Who? MANO!

22. Soulwax – NY Lipps
Funkytown is one of my favorite songs ever. Soulwax dares to improve it with this mash-up/remix and proves that they are amazing. I know this track is old and played out but that disco bass makes me want to party.

23. Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary (Elliot Stock Remix)
Sir Paul gets the techno treatment on this track and it totally rules. The fast paced rhythms of NY Lipps and this track are really complimentary.

24. The Glamour – Feet 2 The Floor
New Glamour! Asher and Richard are the dudes. I do a monthly party with them in Milwaukee and I had to show them some love. Keep it up gentlemen.

25. Jimmy Eat World – Goodbye Sky Harbor
Kind of an abrupt cool-down but I had to harken back to my sappy emo roots. Bed time. Thanks y’all.”

Download: Matt ROAN – Mixin’ It Up, november 2007 (zShare)