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We got mail (week 49)

Dec 3 2007

Hey, I’m DJ Howlermonkey, I’m from Pittsburgh and recently had a Crystal Castles mix featured on Pitchforkmedia. I’m working on an EP called “Headstrong” right now with the very talented Rebecca B and also doing remixes for assorted artists including Mr. Miyagi and Tepr. For a sense of the stuff I do check out my mix (DJ Howlermonkey – Promo mix 1 (zShare)) – it has an extra special guest spot/drop. Anyway, enough of the shameless self promotion, here are this week’s picks. And again apologies for the delay


Roccanova – The introduction (zShare)

As a fan of that whole scene going on in France right now, (and I don’t mean Ed Banger) associated with the Valerie party, and more importantly the revival of Jan Hammer esq tracks I totally support this track.

Hearts Revolution – Choose Your Own Adventure (Bang Bang Sound Remix) (zShare)

The original is really anarchic and reminds me too much of Crystal Castles, I like this interpretation because it tones things down while managing to keep the overall aesthetic

Pfunkt – Sexercise (zShare)

I expect really great things from this guy, he manages to balance campy, clever, with that rave aesthetic that I secretly love.

My first Earthquake – Stupid Baby (direct link)

Discobelle does not post enough indie rock tracks and so I thought that this track would be a perfect segway between dance and rock. I think the lead singers voice is wonderful

DJ Doc RoK – Dirty South House Megamix (direct link)

I’m a little ambivalent about mashups. I think Girl Talk may have taken things as far as it’s going to go. I’m also weary about megamixes, they have that certain quality present in songs used for cheerleading routine’s. Regardless this track seems to avoid these issues.

DLake & Curtis Vodka – Transitute (eat my) (direct link)

I’m a sucker for Curtis Vodka, and B-more in general, I feel like someone could take Nixon’s resignation speech, cut it up, turn it into a B-more track and I would like it anyway.

Rival Joustas – Clarity (Blamma! Blamma! Clear As Mud mix) (zShare)

As someone who works with analog, digital, and computer generated synths, I can appreciate the inherent difficulty in getting that “righteous” thick, full sound, and also recording it correctly, I feel like Rival Joustas has a presented a nice how to guide for that sort of thing. Although I was a little concerned about the little spaghetti western segment he threw in between things very briefly, and also the acid trip segment in the end, but who can knock artistic licence.

Shade – Keep them Shouting (zShare)

Another indie rock song, now by the band Shade, Yes they are from Pittsburgh, which is where I’m from, just a coincidence.


Grand Panda – Block Party Mixtape (zShare)

Press link for tracklist and comments