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Chicago mix

Dec 4 2007


More stuff out of the Chi!

We received an e-mail this weekend from Mo Billionaire (who is the manager for alot of the up and coming artists from Chicago). He was kind enough to give us this podcast from Shala Esquire’s Immortal Movement Radio. The radio show offers music from all of Chicago’s heavy-hitters and there’s alot of good stuff featured on this mix along with a few exclusive goodies.

Shala Esquire’s Immortal Movement Radio (Megaupload)


1. Pump up the Volume- Cool Kids
2. Swerve and Lean- Hollywood Holt feat. GLC and Shala
Random Hollywood Holt interview
3. Rock!- Hollywood Holt
4. Telephone- Kid Sister
5. Pockets- Qualo
CNN interview with Shala (of Qualo)
6. Bang That- Hollywood Holt
Mic Terror live in Montreal
7. Hioooo- Mic Terror
8. Beat in My Trunk- Mic Terror feat. Shala and Hollywood Holt
9. Black Mags- Cool Kids
10. Donotfollow (snippet)- Shala feat. Yaw
11. Crash Dummies- He Say She Say
12. Who U Wit (Mano rmx)- Steed Lord X Million Dollar Mano
13. Akebono-Low. B feat. Major Taylor’s Jai Alai Savant
14. Chocolate Tie-Qualo feat. Ace Watkins
15. Hoopty Music- Mic Terror
16. the Star- Qualo feat. Jameisha Trice
17. Pro Nails (rmx)- Kid Sister feat. Kanye West
18. The Great Chicago Winter- Shala
19. Nappy Headed Hoes- Mike Love