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Crimp Yr Hair megapost (exclusive)

Dec 13 2007


Our friends in Crimp Yr Hair are straight out of Philly and they’ve steadily been building their name with some solid remix work for Crystal Castles (their “Air War” remix will be featured on the upcoming Kitsuné single) Hail Social, !!! and The Knife. They just brought us some exclusives that you all might enjoy. First out we have their remix of the track “Je Veux Te Voir” by french electroprincess Yelle, then their remix of Matt & Kim (yeah, we know that this has in fact been around) and then finally we proudly present their first original track “Grippin Up”. They also just dropped a mixtape which we of course include in this package. So, sit back and sample some sweet electrogoods!

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir (Crimp Yr Hair remix) (zShare)

Matt & Kim – No More Long Years (Crimp Yr Hair remix) (zShare)

Crimp Yr Hair – Grippin up (zShare)

Crimp Yr Hair – Eyball & Chainsaw Mix, dec 2007 (zShare)


1. DAVID GILMOUR GIRLS- “Crimson As Murder (Pink Skull remix)”
2. SYLVESTER- “Do You Wanna Funk”
3. FOX N WOLF “Youth Alcoholic (Etienne de Crexy remix)”
4. JOHN DAHLBACK “Everywhere”
5. DIGITALISM “Idealistic”
6. THE SIMILOU “All This Love (Tonite Only remix)
7. YELLE- “ACDG (Riot In Belgium remix)”
8. TOMBOY- “Flamingo (KIM remix)
9. BG- “Bling Bling”
10. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM “Get Innocuous (Soulwax remix)”
11. ALAN BRAXE & FRED FALKE- “Chrystal City”
12. SOHO DOLLS- “Trash the Rental (Crystal Castles remix)”
13. E.G. Daily- “Mind Over Matter”
14. ANIMATION- “Obsession”
15. LINDSTROM “Monsteer (Riton remix)”
17. DAS POP- “Fool For Love (Yuksek remix)”
18. ETIENNE DE CREXY- “Funk (Bloody Beetroots remix)”
19. YOUNG AMERICANS- “Cold Act Ill”
20. CRIMP YR HAIR- “Grippin Up”