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Xmas 2007, 13: T-Wrecks

Dec 13 2007


Along with the Chi, those crazy canucks have been hitting hard this year. All over Canada, some really talented people have been churning out amazing tracks, so no year end list would be complete without our brethren up north. Maybe we like them so much because of the fact that they too suffer through long and cold winters, that the nature there resembles Sweden, that they glanced at our social system when establishing their own or maybe it’s just that they produce some mighty fine music. T-Wrecks from the amazing Stylusts crew (one of our favorite dj crews, they’ve produced three banging mixes for our Mixin’ It Up series) made this b-more remix of “Get It Shawty” which made us dance around the office for days on end and that’s the reason it’s on here.

Lloyd – Get It Shawty (T-Wrecks B-more remix) (YSI)

Lloyd – Get It Shawty (T-Wrecks B-more remix) (zShare)