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Hold On To Me, Baby!

Dec 19 2007


Sincerely Yours have been killing it over here in Sweden. Another track turned up today, Air France with “Hold On To Me, Baby”. We hear what sounds like someone walking in the snow during the beginning of this track, then the panpipe sets in and we’re drawn into the world of Air France. Here’s what SY wrote about it:

“We shipped Air France away out in the middle of nowhere with a case of glühwine, some libyan weed and a plan to record three songs. Two weeks later, Joel came back, quite upset. Honest paranoia and delusions of grandure, who knows, but something happened out there. Well, at least something good came out of this drunken mess. It’s called Hold on to me, baby. Merry fucking x-mas. The royal family is back in town.”

Air France – Hold On To Me, Baby (YSI)

Air France – Hold On To Me, Baby (zShare)