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Xmas 2007, 21: Lil Mama – Lip Gloss (Krazy Fiesta Remix)

Dec 21 2007

Ian from a Different Kitchen got us in to Lil Mama ages ago but then Krazy Fiesta came along and made it a real dance floor banger. Krazy Fiesta has been sending us remixes since the beginning of Discobelle so it was a sad day when we heard the news about Jesper’s tragic death in August. Even though we didn’t know him very well personally, we do miss him a lot. We know he would have wanted his work to live on and to be played out on the dancefloor. So it is always great to hear that a lot of you guys are playing the track when you DJ. Jesper, we salute you!

Lil Mama – Lip Gloss (Krazy Fiesta remix) (zShare)