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Dec 28 2007

Time for the last Mixin’ It Up of the year. This time we visit Hatchmatik from Montreal and the Peer Pressure Crew. We have played his remixes out on the dancefloor all year long so we were very happy when he agreed to do a Mixin’ It Up. Lets get started!

Download Hatchmatik – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle (zShare)

1. The Tough Alliance – Something Special (Alfie Special Summer Mix)

The Tough Alliance is an amazing group, one of my favorite pop acts. North sent me this and it has been one of my favorite tracks since the first time I heard it – it’s just so happy and bangin’ – seemed like a perfect way to start.

2. DJ Tameil – Bump Like This

The homey E6 in Chicago put me onto this track – Tameil kills it as usual and well that’s all there is to it.

3. Sebastien Grainger – When U Go Out (Mercurius FM Disco Love Mix)

This is one that has been in a lot of my sets since last summer, I picked a lot of the tracks for this mix from the folder I made just before I went out on tour. This is another song much like The Tough Alliance song that always has me singing along jumping around like a fool in the club (or in my room)

4. Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Hatchmatik Remix Ft. Teki Latex)

I got the parts for this remix about 5 months before I actually got down to it. Once Teki and I decided to work together on a track, I finally got my ass in gear and started going on this. He dropped an awesome verse for me and helped me make this a track I’m really proud of. We also recorded a Quebecois ode to Fatman Scoop (Frenchman Scoop) that will be out shortly.

5. Yelle – Tristesse Jolie (Rolf Honey Remix)

We were lucky enough to have Yelle headline a show for us at Pop Montreal in the fall and I gotta say she fuckin’ killed it. Her live show (with TEPR and Grand Marnier) was the best of the whole festival hands down. This one always sets it off in the club.

6. DJ Pushups & Sir Nenis – U Don’t Know Me Remix

The Top Billin guys bring some serious heat on this Armand Van Helden remix. Out soon if not already on T&A Records. They are really nice dudes and always come with some serious club bangers.

7. Timbaland – Miscommunication (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Italy killing it! And those masks! This track has been a serious favorite of mine and definitely one of my top songs for 2007.

8. Omnikrom Ft. Numero (Hatchmatik Club Remix)

You should all know by now, but if you don’t, Omnikrom is a group here in Montreal and they are running that Quebecois crunk shit. Check for their album son! TROP BANANE! With that Numero pop flavor this track bangs hard bee!

9. Kap10Kurt – Dangerseekers (Rolf Honey Remix – Hatch Edit)

This song is really NUNKY!

10. Duke Dumont – Pop Dat Pussy

Duke Dumont is a beast! I’m so glad he’s on Turbo. Dude is killing the club with this one – DOO DOO BROWN!

11. Ocelot – Our Time

Franki Chan linked me this and I must say I’m loving this shit. The vocals are amazing and the whole vibe of the song really sends me. Check for Ocelot in 2008 they are making amazing music.

12. Krames – What More Time

Daft Punk had a huge year – best live show I’ve ever seen – I know everyone says that but it’s true the shit is an epic vector seismic brodown sesh to your mind. My man Krames is killing the game right now putting out hot track after hot track like a mad man. Montreal has crazy love for Cobra Kai, Krames and Nick the Duke showed us some real southern fried flavor down in VA two summers back.

13. Justice – Phantom II (Boys Noize Remix)

Justice! Never heard of them but this song is pretty okay.

14. Mike Mumbles – WutWut pt. 3

The homey Dave Nada put me onto this track, dude is a triceratops with hulk talons in the club!

15. Hatchmatik – Gate 14 (2nd Bounce)

Maybe not a final version of the song, but this is an original track I was messing with lately.

16. Hatchmatik – Ghislain Poirier / Binaerpilot Blend

The keys in that Binaerpilot track are so insane and made me think of the classical moog stylings of Walter Carlos or the music from the scene where Alex links those girls at the record shop for a ménage in A Clockwork Orange. Ghislain sent me the acapella for his latest single and they worked well together so there it is !