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Mixin’ It Up: DJ Neoteric

Jan 4 2008

We’re gonna be in Oslo tonight (check a blurb here) but here’s a Mixin’ It Up from Vancouvers very own DJ Neoteric that’s filled to the brink with canadian goodness. Let’s read what he has to say about it:

“Hey Young World,

Here’s my “Mixin It Up”. I’m into all kinds of music, so I wanted the tracklist to reflect that. It’s quite eclectic, perhaps to a fault, but i think there’s something on here for everyone.

Thanks to Discobelle for having me, and thanks to everyone who hit me with tracks. There’s alot of Canadian content on here, I tried to showcase some of the incredible talent we have in this country. Big ups to everyone who checks out this mix, and please be sure to hit up my website and add me on MySpace or Facebook, and if you’re making tracks or edits, send them my way! Brrraaappp!!!

* Denotes Canadian Content

01. King Polo – Acid Shack *

The perfect way to start the party. King Polo is the homie from Vancouver, check for him.

02. VNDLSM – Every Woman (1nder Edit) *

These guys are KILLIN it! Get your back up of the wall!

03. Dead Prez – Warzone (Ass in the Club Remix)

I’m not certain, but I think I read this was a Spank Rock remix, but regardless, its bangin, and the vocals match the aggressive electro banger perfectly.

04. Mat The Alien – Digitalism Who Looka Here *

This right here is some funky shit. My boy Mat the Alien is one of the best DJs I have ever seen, and his edits are top notch. Big Up Mat! He’s helped me alot of the years, its truly an honor.

05. U-Tern – Kiss This *

New U-tern!! By now you know dude is KILLING everything he touches. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on tracks, and I’ve never seen anyone so good at what they do. Truly inspirational, and I’m certain he’s destined for big things. This disco banger is off the fuckin chain!

06. Wax Romeo – Synthy Disco *

Have you heard of Wax Romeo? Haha. Im sure this isnt the real name of the song. When I first got ‘Laura Winslow’ from the dope Neighbourhood Romeo EP, it was called ‘Marge Schotts Titties’ or somethin. Gross!

07. Kid Cudi – Day and Night (Jokers of the Scene Extended Remix) *

Some other Canadians makin big noise. This is such a beautiful remix. Big ups to JOTS and Fools Gold!!

08. Krames – Fuck Them Bitches

Krames makes some of my favourite edits, and this one is no exception. I know Kelis is being mean here, but it sounds like “hot” to me.

09. Sleazy V – On Your Knees *

10. High Powered Boys ft Ludacris – Hoes Get Down (DJ Amen Re-edit)

See what happened here? Poetic! DJ Amen adds my favourite vocal from the last Ludacris album to this. I digs it.

11. K7 & Sammy Bananas – Come Baby Come

The original of this is classic, but I love the way Sammy sped it up and updated for the 2 Double Oh 8.

12. Smalltown DJs – Smack a Badman *

These guys are Canadian too, and damn good DJs! Hot track.

13. DJ Spen presents Jasper Street Company – Solid Ground (Doo Dew Solid Mix)

I like rice. Rice is great when you’re hungry and you want 2,000 of something.

14. DJ Technics – Lets Go
15. DJ Phinesse – Crazy Hype
16. Kazey – Play Me Sexy
17. Say Wut – Some Action
18. KW Griff – Yall Aint Safe
19. JCW – Get Shot

This is the super hype crazy horns and gunshot section. Nuff Said!

20. Chubby Fingers – Droppin Pianos

Instructional ass-shakin music. Can’t go wrong.

21. Scott Matelic – Grapevine

It’s a trip to see former Anticon producers makin club tracks! This classic gets a nice retouch.

22. Van Morrison – Gloooria (Murge Refix) *

My boy Murge added some kick to this track

22. MSTRKRFT – She’s Good For Business *

So so funky, I’m hyped for the new record, this one just fell into the ‘happy bootyshakin music’ category

23. Lady Tigra – Bass on the Bottom (Justin Kase Edddit)

‘Let Your Body Move, and let your spirit free’…Good advice.

24. Cousin Cole – Gyrate Remix

Somewhat slept on remix from one of my favourite producers. Cousin Cole murders everything he touches. I love the pounding drums in this track

25. Nate Dogg – All the Girls Get Up (Mr. Andersonic Remix)

I have no idea why I don’t hear this more often. A Nate Dogg dance track? Game overrr. The Bassline is great too, it pounds in the club.

26. DJ Tanner – Pop Lock and Bang It *

My boy Tanner from the Faction Sound crew laced that AC Slater track ‘Banger’ with Pop Lock and Drop it, to great results. We do some 4 turntable party rockin shit that’s really fun. Make sure you check out his latest mixtape with Toronto’s 4Korners HERE (link to: http://www.zshare.net/download/5613657e2e1c6d/ )

27. The Knish Hit Squad – Your Body

Mike B makes dope edits, and this one is no exception!

28. Len – Hot Rod Monster Jam

This is some slept on heat! My boy Moves, who’s part of my crew the Party Killahs was in this group and toured the world off the strength of that hit “Steal My Sunshine”. Remember that? It actually was about doin’ acid. This album also had Biz Markie, Mr Dibbs, Buck 65 and others on it, and their 2nd album was executive produced by Divine Styler! Big ups to the Len Crew!

29. Fast Eddie & Funky J – Big Ol Booty

Say Yeah!

30. U-Tern – Look At That Booty *

More new U-Tern! This is a Bangers and Cash remix from the Cookie Jar Vol. 2, which should be out in the next month or so. Shit is 100% awesome.

31. Busy P – Chop Suey

Electro Booty madness

32. Kilo – America Has a Problem

I used to spend the weekends at my Dads place in Rodney, Ontario, where I was born (Population: 500). It was about an hour away from Detroit, and we’d get the faintest signals from the Michigan radio stations. I’d spend the whole weekend trying to hear these amazing tracks which were never played around my parts. I think it was ’92 or ’93 when this song dropped, and it was huuuge. For years I had no idea who it was, and searched it out with only the hook as a reference. Finally about 3 years ago my boy Moves found this album and made my life!

33. Andre Nickatina – Ayo for Yayo

I’m a sucker for a theme. (This is the Cocaine Section in case that wasn’t apparent). Classic!

34. Eddie Murphy – Party All the Time (Klever Remix)

Rick James wrote this….it’s one hell of a remix

35. Debbie Harry – Rush Rush (Neoteric & Matty C rough Edit) *

This is just a start to an edit we were working on, but we didn’t have time to properly finish it. It serves its purpose though. It’ll be much different.

36. DJ Sega – Bodies Hit the Floor (Hollertronix)

On snap! From the upcoming Hollertronix 12″, this shit is bonkers! He even manages to flip Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’ into a club banger. DJ Sega = The Truth!

37. Knowself – Why I’m Like This *

This dude got locked up for robbing 5 banks in Nova Scotia. He used to take part in testing experimental drugs for money, which isn’t really a good look. Anyways, he’s got albums of the most wigged out conspiracy rap ever and some crazy flows, but this is the one and ONLY beat he’s ever made, and its great. A fitting outro.

Download: Mixin’ It Up – DJ Neoteric january 2008 (direct link)