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Radioclit in NYC

Jan 12 2008

Pic by Jesper Berg

The good folks in Radioclit will be taking their partyblend of eurocrunk//ghettotech/baile funk/kuduro and other tasty treats to the Verboten club at Studio B in NYC tonight together with the canadian electro destroyers in VNDLSM. Peep “Ghettopop 24” here, the latest podcast from Radioclit and if you’re in NYC we strongly urge not to miss this.

“Another gem from the Radioclit vintage archives, this gaytoblaster mix was done around 2005 and intended to feel like a soundtrack to a new york block party in 1979 in the Bronx, hosted by a Grandmaster Flash style dj from the future. Electrofunk powerrrrrr!”

Ghettopop 24: the Gaytoblaster Megamixx (zShare)