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Luca SS mix

Jan 15 2008


Luca SS is the newest addition to the roster of french label Kitsuné. Here’s a little more info about them:

“They’re a London DJ partnership formed a few months ago by Luca Cazal and Luca B. Both Italian, they have very different musical backgrounds; Luca Cazal plays guitar in the band Cazals and has been buying vinyl since he was 15, building an impressive record collection of various styles, from post punk to dancehall, via electro and techno he’s also been dj’ing around London for the past 6 years. Luca B. bought his first pair of decks when he was 12 and has been dj’ing in clubs and raves across Italy for 8 years, building up a reputation for his dark electro and tech-house sets.

Luca SS find themselves at ease in indie discos as well as techno raves and electro clubs. Luca SS don’t play for themselves but they refuse to play “what’s hot at the moment” for the sake of pleasing the crowd; their set is an ever changing eclectic mix of electro, house and techno that never fails to impress for choice of tunes and technical ability. Luca SS are currently working on remixes as well as their own material.”

Luca SS – Mix 2 (YSI)

Luca SS – Mix 2 (zShare)