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The Teenagers – Reality Check

Jan 17 2008


Hot off the heels of a bunch of remixes along with newly released Kitsuné single “Starlett Johansson” and the Japanese released EP “The World Is Not Fair”, french electropop outfit The Teenagers are about to drop their debut album “Reality Check” (will be out in March) which is – plain and simple – incredible. Alot of dirty more talked than sung vocals, synths and lo-fi guitars. This remix came out in waaaay back in December but is still one of the better remixes of The Teenagers, a dancefloor friendly remix of “Homecoming” by fellow french producers Brodinski & Yuksek that turns the track into a raving electrohouse track. Also, if you’re in North America, the band is currently touring all over the continent.

The Teenagers – Homecoming (Yuksek & Brodinski remix) (YSI)

The Teenagers – Homecoming (Yuksek & Brodinski remix) (zShare)

PS. Check out the limited to 500 copies “Fuck Nicole” single being released by the wonderful people in Summer Lovers Unlimited.