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Glass Candy – Baron Von Luxxury remix

Jan 19 2008


Baron Von Luxxury has been spreading his productions across the blogs like a wildfire, here is the first official remix of italodisco outfit Glass Candy who happen to be one of our favorite bands. Here’s what the Baron had to say about the remix:

“Here is the first official remix of a Glass Candy song, “I Always Say Yes (Baron von Luxxury Remix).” This is actually Parts II and III of what turned into a 19 minute remix of the song, in five different parts.

The original song “I Always Say Yes” is an icy disco masterpiece. I didn’t want to give it a “typical” remix treatment i.e. bump up the BPM, add slammin’ kick, distorted bass, compress like hell. I just felt that Glass Candy is the antithesis of the bloghouse banger aesthetic, and the track deserved something different. I focused on the fact that the original song has an unusual structure: there’s no chorus. There are plenty of hooks, to be sure, but no real refrain. So I decided to make something of a *reverse* remix.

I chopped up Ida No’s original vocal into dozens of individual phonemes, and rearranged each one to create an entirely new melody for the verse. Then I added all new music underneath – an entirely new song, really – to showcase the sound and retain the mystery and enigma of her incredible voice in a new context. Finally, I found a line from the original vocal, added a second vocal track and pitched it up to create a harmony, and thus was born the chorus. All the original vocal parts are retained, but completely re-ordered. The result is a blend of Schoenberg’s serialism meets the Cocteau Twins via Crystal Castles. At the end of the day I think I did the original justice, without doing it Justice.

Part III (also included in this Mp3) extends the same re-modelling idea to the original music, with the addition of silence as a new element. By contrast with part II, there is no vocal in this section, and I only added light percussion in parts. The absence of sound as a compositional element was inspired by Miles Davis’ famous line about the importance of “knowing when *not* to play.”

Glass Candy – I Always Say Yes (Baron von Luxxury remix) (YSI)

Glass Candy – I Always Say Yes (Baron von Luxxury remix) (zShare)