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Addeboy vs. Cliff

Jan 21 2008


Time for some swedish talent again.

Addeboy vs. Cliff are the swedish production duo that used to play rock but switched to making dance music instead. They’re behind the banging Adam Tensta “My Cool” single and now they gave us their latest remix. This time, it’s far less suited for the club but instead we get a soulful and housey remix of a track called “Lights” which is the first single from Swedish singstress Jennie Abrahamsson. The duo is also gearing up for the release of their own single “Fine House” which features vocals from Anthony Mills + a debut album.

Jennie Abrahamsson (ft. Addeboy Vs Cliff) – Lights (remix) (YSI)

Jennie Abrahamsson (ft. Addeboy Vs Cliff) – Lights (remix) (zShare)