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Jan 26 2008


They’re back! This release will be a blast so make sure to cop it.

“It’s been a year since Arcade Mode (aka the Domino’s Pizza of Parisian audio excellence) dropped its super limited promo EUROGIRLS compilation, featuring anonymous Baile Funk tracks selected by Jean Nipon & Orgasmic. Well guess what? The duo is back with a mini series of Baltimore Club EPs, this time with a proper release. But the Arcade Mode way. Meaning that it’s limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.

It’s still « Euro »… so what does that mean?

Each volume is made of 8 tracks, a few classics, some club favourites, but most of it is brand new, made by Europe’s wildest producers and djs, and quite frankly closer to European House music than conservative Bmore executions.

Part 1 gathers talents from Paris, Bern, New Jersey and of course Maryland’s own capital of crime.
Classics such as Rod Lee’s « Feel Me » and Debonair Samir’s « P.Y.T. » share vinyl surface with a special Jean Nipon refix of DJ Tameil’s « Throw Some D’s » remix (also courtesy of Scottie B’s legendary Unruly imprint) and of course the novelties:

Orgasmic (TTC, Institubes) takes Chi-town’s favourite son and the Tallahassee hero to the Smurfs’ village, running all around, while carefully avoiding to step on their mushroom houses. Bobmo (Institubes) rather wants us to hold his hand to a top secret facility somewhere in the Alps with the hope of having us partying there, but an unfortunate move starts the alarm so we’d better leave. Bern duo Round Table Knights truly fulfill the original Euro mission and give the Bmore treatment to this 1996 hit from the beautiful city of Milan. Whatever the reasons are, the heart of Jean Nipon (Institubes) is caught in a cycle of fire ignited by his anger and extinguished by his own tears, but at a precise moment in the curve, he’s able to produce, this time setting on orbit this French 80’s romantic movie theme sang by a Norwegian innocent girl. Finally, Kazey & Bulldog (Clark magazine/Juice!) trap their fantasy horn section into a machine gun and fire it all over Bobmo’s « To The Bobmobile » – which survives.

“EUROGIRLS GO TO BALTIMORE” will be mainly available thru ArcadeMode, and selected outlets such as Pure Groove in London, GanBan in Tokyo, Mental Groove in Geneva, and TurntableLab.”


A1. ROD LEE « Feel Me »
A2. ORGASMIC « Feels Like Saint Tropez »
A3. dj TAMEIL « Throw Some D’s remix » (Jean Nipon refix)
A4. BOBMO « Turn On, Cop Out »
B1. ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS « Freak From Desire »
B3. JEAN NIPON « You Call It Love »
B4. KAZEY & BULLDOG « To The Bouncemobile »

Round Table Knights – Freak From Desire (YSI)

Round Table Knights – Freak From Desire (zShare)