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Rowdy Bashment 2007

Feb 5 2008

Been a while since we had some dancehall tunes on Discobelle. As I used to run a Soundsystem (Fat Bankroll Soundsystem, maybe I will post one of our old mixtapes some time) before, I’m always in for some dancehall tunes. Heatwave got a great retrospective mix of 2007 and what it had to offer.

I will try to feature some more dancehall in the future but for now go over to Heatwave and he will guide you to what is good from Jamaica and England. They also got a sneak peak of the new Warrior Queen single “Things Change”, which they will be releasing on a Soul Jazz 12″ on Feb 18th.

Rowdy Bashment 2007 (direct link, right click and save)