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Feb 8 2008

I’m going to keep it short and then hand it over to this weeks contributor to Mixin It Up. Let’s present DJ EXCEL & MC ELIXIR from SKRATCH MAKANIKS / Philadelphia, Pistolvania. Take it away!

“Like many of you, I check Discobelle often. They always have good music, videos, & info. That’s what’s up!!! I noticed there was a segment titled Mixin It Up & they had dj’s who i knew, respected & the one’s i didn’t know always had good music. I wanted to be a part of those 56 dj’s… So thanks to Niklas for gettin back to me. I hope you guys enjoy the mix we put together. It ran a bit longer then they asked for, but once i started, i couldn’t find a good place to stop, until i did. We’re actually in Canada again… Playing @ Time Supper Club with dj’s Yo-C & A-Rock & with the Peer Pressure kids @ Coda. I was gonna wait until after we got back to make the mix but my boys, DJ Psychology (Oakley) & Leslie (WRGMag.com) are taken us snowboarding for the 1st time… so just in case something goes wrong & let’s hope not!!!, at least the mix is done!!!

Download DJ EXCEL & MC ELIXIR – ski-goggles r a must discobelle.net.

01. Q Project v. T of I – Champion Junglist (Jim Sharp Bmore Remix)
I love the horn sample in this song. I felt the way it started was the perfect intro for the mix. Like if the Army was about to storm the field, the horn dude would be blowin out this tune!!! The horns may be more familiar to some of you guys from the Shawty Lo – Dey Know joint. The chantin in the song & the “Before making records, the hood was my savior” set’s the tone for the mix!

02. Sat One f. MC Elixir – Bitches & Money
My partner Sat One is well known in the Underground Hip Hop world for making the ill tracks & his djin. He’s been working on a experimental project called Spooky Monkey, which is madness on herion!!! we were in the studio & the idea for this track came about. My MC Elixir heard it & had the verses in the cannon. So it came together & here it is. Freshly bounced from Logic to mp3 for you!

03. Digitalism – Pogo (Mano Remix)
This song just has a move behind it. Like it should be in a car commercial or someshit! Mano did a nice job on the remix tip & this stays in the rotation when I’m rockin. Make sure to check us both out in the current issue of Vapors Magazine.

04. Partyshank – Penis vs. Virgina (Shanks Killer Mix)
These dudes!!! Killer indeed. I love the verse. That & the drop outs hooked me on this one! The pic that’s attatched to mp3 is pretty fresh too! I had that green leaf sweatshirt homeboy is wearin!!!!

05. Thunderheist – Jerk It
I’m a Thunderheist fan!!!! No question!!! I was introduced to them for the during one of our trips to Canada. My homegirl Kenza took me to a Peer Pressure party, which was insane! Grahm & Isis are murder shit! All the joints i heard prior to this already made me a believer. But wen I heard this shit!!!!!! i was done! Kenza is the one who sent me this track! She’s the shit for that! 1 of my Top 10 joints to play. I don’t dance, but this shit makes me set off a lil 2 step bounce!

06. KRS One – Sound Of The Police (Krames Remix)
I got a thing for classic Hip Hop songs remixed. A lot of these songs get lost in the shuffle & some of the younger kids don’t know what they are. It’s sad… But when a brother like Krames flips it like he did, it gives the song a new life & makes people do the homework & find the original! I’m sure all the hip hop dj’s thank you for that this one pimp!

07. Timbaland – Miscommunication (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
I had the Timbaland LP mad early. I only heard a few songs I liked. At that time, this wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t until i heard this remix that made me actually give the original another listen & i actually like it! They freaked this one & its my favorite version of this song to play!

08. Blaqstarr f. Rye Rye – Shake It 2 The Ground (Hatchmatik Electrolux Club Mix)
Rye Rye got herself a nice buzz goin right now. Big ups to her for & Blaqstarr. The main reason why this song is on here is cause my homeboy Hatch is the shit!!! The same night i discovered Thunderheist, I met Hatch. We officially met again on another trip to Montreal. Great dude & his sound is solid! His remixes always crush shit… There was no way i could put this together & not include him! Keep bangin them shits out homey!

09. East Flatbush Projects – Tried By 12 (Excel 9mm Remix)
I was in LA in December working on some shit with my homie Revolution. While out there, i caught up wit my dudes, DJ’s Ammo & Ed Ski. We went to this gig & i heard a remix of this song done by DJ Spider. I wanted to put my own twist to it. This was a huge song for us on the east coast growin up. Big Up to East Flatbush & my dudes Spencer 4 Hire & Rusty Juxx!!! We need another Hip Hop classic fellas!

10. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke – Be (Laidback Luke Remix)
I hear Robin S – Show Me Love all day when the melody hits & the vocals start running!! This causes a nice frenzy in the club when the chicks, “booties start shakin & movin all around”

11. DJ Riz – Bring That Beat Back
This guy!!! just put the hot sauce on the fried chicken!!!!

12. Yelle – Tristesse Joie (Rolf Honey Remix)
Her voice on this song just plays over & over in my head at random times during the day. I love how they reworked this joint. When this hits, dancing is a must!

13. Armand Van Heldan – I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)
One of my favorite house producers. I love the funk & bboy swagger he puts into the remixes. From the early days, Armand always had a track i kept in the crates. Now the Fake Blood dudes, just took a dope song & put it on another planet far far away! They use the chops like instruments & play them in melodic fashion! You gotta put this on from the beginning & let it take off! Its like 0-6000mph in 30sec.
“Please fasten your belts & keep all arms & legs in the rocket ship”

14. Pase Rock f. Amanda Blank & Spank Rock – Lindsay Lohan
There’s a few remixes i really dig of this song, but with all the remixes i have on this mix, I wanted to use the original version. Spank, Pase, & Amanda, been killin shit for some time now. Plus i love the statement! “Why are you showin them coochie lips, gettin up out the car”?

15. Enur f. Natasha vs. Wing Wang Twins – Bmore Calabria
One of the biggest songs of last year. Still huge this year. Those horns are another sample that wont stop playin in my head! As a DJ, you gotta love when throw this on & the beat drops out & the horns play! It drives people crazy & the reaction is massive!!! I get down with this bmore version, the shuffle it has is monster!!!!

16. Justice – We Are Your Friends (Scottie B Bmore Remix)
What more can I say about these guys that hasn’t been said. Magical. Talented, etc. I was introduced to them through my ace, DJ Botany 500 @ Cue Records. He put me on to some thing major, thank you big homie & big Up to Scottie B, this gets much play!

17. Jean Nipon – You Call It Love (Eurogirls Go 2 Bmore)
I got into bmore house many years ago, when i was playing college parties. Being from philly, a majority of the college kids are from different areas. At the parties i would do, most of them were from the DC, Maryland, & the southern states. So Bmore & Go Go were a must have. Bmore was cool, but for me, i felt it was limited to certain types of parties. It wasn’t until i heard other types of music freaked in Bmore fashion that i was able to incorporate it more in my sets. It was then i became a bigger fan of that style & its been dominating dance floors for a while now. Shouts to Rod Lee, Technics, all the originators & the cats who’ve been inspired by them to create great remixes!

18. Feist – 1, 2, 3, 4 (My Gay Husband Remix)
Really dope song. MGH put a nice twist on it. & i get a dumb laugh about having a song on my serato that says “MY GAY HUSBAND REMIX” haha! Awesome name!!!!

19. Buddy Akai – Cut Me Up (Villians Remix)
There’s not much for me to say here. I dig the song & the Villians remixed the shit just right! Electro-rock, Rock On!!Nuff said.

20. Martijn Ten Velden – I Wish You Would
The hook got me. It’s catchy… simple. The girls love it. It’s a no brainer.

21. M.I.A – Bamboo Banga
1 of my favorite song on the LP. “MIA comin back with the power, power”!!!

22. Feadz – Numanoid (Edit)
“Feadz is hookin up the beats” Pop The Glock!!! Booohhh!

23. Duke Dumont – Pop Dat Poosay
This dude is on some next shit! Or he’s on some really good drugs! As if Uncle Luke didn’t kill shit himself.. Uncle Duke put together the precise example of how to make the dope, doper! Blue Magic type shit!!!

24. Blaqstarr – All The Girls Around The World (Klever So So Death Remix)
Everything Klever remixes is crazy! A true thorough bread DJ with a great sound. Another brother I had to include in the mix. Keep doin it the way u been pimp!

25. Kylie Minogue – Wow (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Mstrkrft created a sound that you can’t deny is electrifying. They have a catalog of remixes & all of them are bangin! Now Kylie was hot back in the day. Then the flame sizzled out a bit… But there’s been a grip of remixes of her joints & dudes like LA Riots, The Twelves & Mstrkrft made her explosive, not to mention she’s still a fly lil number! I think its a proper ending for the mix…

or maybe not….

26. Feist – My Moon, My Man (Boyz Noize Remix)
The homie A-Rock played this Thursday & again on Friday. I was fucked up!!! This shit is insane! Like gives me a chill & i twist my face up insane. DJ’s & music lovers know that feeling. The mix was done, bounced to mp3 & ready to send.. i know its not the newest song, but after hearing it again friday I knew it wasn’t complete with out it. I had to go back & add it.. Her voice being so subtle & the track being so fucking hard is deadly! By far one of the illest joints I’ve heard Boyz Noise remix! Thus the perfect ending! Super gas face, middle finger to Boyz Noise!!! You made this shit unfuckwitable!!!”